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10 Christmas Blog Post Ideas

Christmas blog post ideas

Christmas is coming. For bloggers, there is no better time of year. The list of potential writing opportunities is almost endless. But to help you get started, we’ve compiled a shortlist of ten Christmas blog post ideas that you can use over the festive season.

1) The ultimate gift guide

The French call it ‘the embarrassment of choice’ (l’embarrass de chois’), whilst the Germans speak of ‘the torture of choice’ (die Qual der Wahl). In the UK, we’re less poetic, talking simply of ‘overchoice’. Whatever it’s called, the sheer number of different gifts available to buy at Christmas can be overwhelming for shoppers. As a blogger, you are able help people find the perfect present.

Your gift guide could focus on how to buy presents for family and friends (and pets!) without breaking the bank. Christmas is expensive – and it is only getting more so. According to the Independent, the average UK household will spend over £800 this Christmas, with the lion’s share going on gifts. An affordable gift guide will go down a treat with your blog readers.

2) Your personal wishlist

What do you want this Christmas?

There is no better time to treat yourself than at Christmas. Writing a blog post about what you would like to unwrap on Christmas morning will not only give your blog readers much needed inspiration about what to buy, it will also let your family and friends know exactly what to get you!

3)  What to wear this winter

It’s time to delve deep into your wardrobe and dust down the big winter jacket that hasn’t seen the light of day for the past eight-and-a-half months. Many people find staying stylish throughout the Winter months to be a tricky task. Help them out with your best winter fashion advice.

Christmas has more fashion opportunities than you think. From getting ready for the office Christmas party, to what to wear for Christmas dinner, your blog readers are waiting for your help on what to wear – and what not to.

4) Christmas giveaways

Christmas really is a state of mind, so it’s nice to do a little something extra for a lucky reader by doing a Christmas giveaway. Giveaways are exciting for both you and your readers. They bring about that special Christmas spirit!

5) Christmas cooking tips

It was once said that there is no sincerer love than the love of food. Christmas proves this to be true. Festive food is up there with the things that we love most about this time of year. And yet for those who actually have to prepare the Christmas dinner, it can be a rather stressful time! A blog post on how to correctly trim your brussel sprouts or how to spice that last minute mulled wine will definitely be warmly received by all the worried cooks amongst us.

Another potential idea is to write about how to stay healthy over the Christmas period. The British Dietetic Association says the average person puts on five pounds between Christmas and New Year, so there is huge demand for blog posts about how to avoid overeating over Christmas. More and more people are talking about alternative Christmas dinners – a great way to get your creative juices flowing is to think of your own low-calorie alternatives.

6) Decoration ideas

It used to be easier to decorate your home at Christmas. The rules were simple: the traditional colours of Christmas were pine green (signifying everlasting life), snow white, and heart red. Nowadays it seems like anything goes. This can be stressful for many people, who will welcome decorative and interior tips this Christmas.

7) Provide a Christmas playlist

It can be a nightmare for many people trying to pick out that perfect Christmas playlist. Help them out by writing a blog post with some of your favourite tracks for Christmas Day, the office Christmas party or even just what you like to hear while our shopping for gifts. Or provide a long list of every festive tune that you will be playing this December.

8) Recap of your year

The past twelve months have flown by, right? It might sound cliché, but it really does just seem like yesterday that we were seeing in the 2017 New Year. Now 2018 is just around the corner.

A good idea is to select a highlight from each month and explain why it has made your list. Alternatively, try writing all the things you’ve achieved this year and your plan for 2018.

9) A ‘then vs. now’ comparison

Blog posts on the differences between Christmas when you were a child and Christmas now can be fascinating. Everyone has an opinion on this and so you can be sure to get huge engagement in the comments section. Some say that the smells of Christmas bring them straight back to their childhood. What does Christmas mean to you now? Share it with your readers.

10) Where to visit this Christmas

We would dream of a white Christmas every single year when we were growing up, but it rarely happened. But cheap travel has made this dream a reality. More and more people are jetting off over the Christmas holidays to see some real snow. But with so many different destinations available, it can be difficult to choose one place.

You have a lot of room for movement here, why not write about places you’ve visited during the holiday season before. Have you experienced the magic of the German Christmas markets: tell them where to find the best glühwein and lebkuchen. Perhaps you went ice skating in Reykjavïk’s Ingólfstorg Square? Or you have experienced christmas carols inside Amsterdam’s Sint Nicolaaskerk? Wherever you have been – write about it!

Christmas provides ample opportunities to create creative content that will engage your readers and even draw a new audience. Why not try out some the posts or tell us in the comments if you have any ideas for Christmas posts!