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Instagram Content Hacks: How to Grow Your Following in 2018

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Instagram’s latest algorithm updates and features may have you feeling a little confused and depleted. You may have noticed that your account isn’t getting the same attention or following as it used to have and you’re asking yourself, how do I get more followers? These Instagram hacks will help to increase your audience engagement and grow your following in 2018:

1. Focus on delivering quality content

First things first, content is always king. It may seem like an obvious answer but don’t overlook it! Make sure to plan your content appropriately and be confident with what you’re sharing.

2. Post at least once a day

With the new Facebook-like algorithm based timeline, posting on a regular basis can help your account sit at the top of the timeline and therefore get more attention. A minimum of one post a day is a must if you want to stay noticed and grow your following.

3. Use effective hashtags

Instagram allows you to tag a photo with maximum 30 hashtags, so it’s important to use them all. It’s crucial to know what hashtags best suit your photos and the followers you want to attract. A simple way of researching this is to tag your photo, search the tag, explore what type of photos have that tag, then go back to edit your tag if necessary.

4. Be aware of banned hashtags

Do you find that your hashtags aren’t working? Or you’re tagging but no one seems to notice your photos? You might be using banned hashtags and don’t even know it. Unfortunately there’s no place to check what’s been banned so make sure to search a tag before you use it. If the search seems empty or an error appears then it’s probably blacklisted.

5. Use the right filters

According to studies, adding higher exposure, warmer temperatures, and higher contrast to your photos will increase your chance of both views and comments. Filtered photos are 21% more likely to be viewed and 45% more likely to be commented on.

6. Don’t only post photos

Change up your feed every so often and have some fun with Instagram videos and Boomerangs. Videos can become a powerful tool when sharing more personable content.

7. Create your your own brand/theme

When people visit your account and quickly scroll through, you want them to instantly distinguish your style and fall in love with it. It’s important to remain consistent throughout all of your posts, whether your style is minimalistic or bold and busy. Not sure how to communicate your own style through your content? Take a look at our post on creating your blog’s brand identity.

8. Focus on others in your niche

If you’re into vegan cakes, then make sure you know what other vegan cake accounts are out there and buzzing! To get a better understand of your niche, research your hashtags and find the accounts that have the top photos.

9. Kill it with the caption

You may be super focused on getting the right photo or filter, but don’t leave out the final creative aspect of your post – the caption! Usually posting something witty, entertaining or clever gets people interacting more and leaving comments.

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10. Repost best content again

Make sure to keep note of your posts that do well with your audience and don’t be afraid to post content again when you feel it’s appropriate. This works for content that becomes relatable to someone when they go through a particular life experience e.g. weddings, pregnancy, and home renovations.

For more Instagram hacks, read our post on Social & Feature Hacks. Have any other Instagram hacks that we didn’t mention? Feel free to share them below in the comments.



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