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10 Tips for More Success on Pinterest

So bekommst Du mehr Erfolg auf Pinterest

Pinterest is a social media and search engine rolled into one. People are no longer only using Google for recipes and DIYs, but rather Pinterest as a versatile source of inspiration. The platform works as a visual search engine especially and only for pictures. Like any other social media channel, Pinterest has its own strategies and ways for it to be a successful tool for you as a blogger. In this article, we show you how to level up your Pinterest game and tell share our 10 tips for more success on Pinterest.

Create a business profile

As a Pinterest user, you can convert your normal profile into a business account. This is not only very useful for businesses, but also for you as a blogger. A business account gives you access to more features, such as the Pinterest analytics tool. It is also important to fill out your profile completely so that users get an idea about your account and blog.

Use the analytics tool

As a business account on Pinterest, you have access to the analytics tool of Pinterest. These analytics provide helpful information about your profile in general, different boards and also individual pins. With the help of the analytics tool, you can detect which boards and pins are working best and which aren’t.

Style and content of your boards

Boards are the figurehead of your Pinterest account. Both style and content play an important role on your boards. Basically, you should only create boards that matter to your target audience and sort them by relevance. The description of boards is alo very important, so do not forget to fill them in. The more detailed the information about your boards, the better they get placed in the search results.

Activate Rich Pins

Rich Pins are an alternative to normal pins and provide valuable information about your linked article. There are four types of Rich Pins: for articles, recipes, products and apps. Due to the additional information, Pinterest rates those pins as high quality and ranks them better in the search results. You can find a helpful tutorial for activating Rich Pins on Mellisa Griffin’s blog.

Install the pin-it button

Allow your audience to directly pin your blog content to their Pinterest boards. To enable this, Pinterest supplies a couple of Pin-It buttons that can be integrated in your blog via a plugin.

Optimise your pictures

Pinterest is a visual platform – this is why high quality pictures are a must-have! Besides the quality of your photos, Pinterest also values the format and style of your pins. Basically, images in portrait format are better than images in landscape format; a consistent layout of your graphics is also important so people can recognise your content.

Search engine optimisation (SEO)

Search engine optimisation plays an important role on Pinterest. Place your most relevant keywords of your blog in your profile name, description and on all boards. The more you optimise your Pinterest account with your keywords, the better your pins will get placed in the search results.

Plan your strategy

Pins are the core of Pinterest –  this is why it is super important for you to pin regularly. The main thing is not the quantity of pins, but the regularity and the quality of your pins. Besides that, it is important to not only pin your own content but also re-pin other people’s content. The optimal ratio is more or less 1:3.

Use other tools

Obviously, Pinterest is not the only social media channel you are using for your blog. So we understand that you can not spend 24/7 on Pinterest. Therefore, you should consider using special tools which will make it easier for you to pin regularly. Amongst bloggers, Board Booster and Tailwind are very popular and they even offer a free trial for testing.

Engage in group boards

Group boards are perfect for your start on Pinterest. Even with only a small amount of followers, your reach and visibility can grow rapidly by engaging in group boards. On these boards you don’t pin on your own, but together with several users. More users means more activity, which in turn can result in more followers and traffic. Since group boards are hard to find on Pinterest, you can use directories which gather group boards of all topics, such as PinGroupie.

With the help of these 10 tips, you will now have more success on Pinterest! Do you already have your own Pinterest strategy? What is your ultimate tip for Pinterest?



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