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10 Viral Food Trends – Recipe Ideas for Your Food Blog

Food blog recipe ideas viral food trends

Since there is so much activity around social media and the internet, cool things go viral very quickly. When a trend really goes viral it will be everywhere, even in the food area. As a food blogger, it is a great time to include these trends in your content and social media plan. Most of those viral trends are very likely to be shared by other users and therefore, can drive traffic to your blog and increase your following on social media. People will also google for these kinds of viral trends so they are great options for recipe ideas for food blogs!

We have collected 10 viral food trends every food blogger should write about:

  1. Unicorn recipes: Unicorns are all over the place! How could you make unicorn styled food? Easy! All you need is lots of food colouring! What about a recipe for some unicorn macarons or hot chocolate?
  2. Mermaid recipes: After unicorns, mermaids are the next big thing on the internet scene.
  3. Flamingos: From mermaids to unicorns, let’s get realistic. How about some flamingo donuts or ice cream?
  4. Freakshakes: Freakshakes are all over Instagram! The absolutely instagrammable milkshakes look amazing and delicious too! Creating a new innovate freakshake recipe, maybe even combining it with another food trend, has high potential to go viral.
  5. Latte Art: Coffee is all over the place and nice latte art is not just Instagram-worthy. How about taking it to the next level with a recipe for a rose or rainbow latte?
  6. Avo latte: Besides the general latte art trend, there is a one kind  type of latte art that takes it to the next level: Avo latte! Put a latte into the empty skin of an avocado to achieve this look.
  7. Bowls: They are not only all over the place but are also a super nice way of arranging healthy food! This goes for veggies as well as for breakfast bowls. Try to think of new recipe ideas that nail the bowl trend!
  8. Emojis: Emojis have had a lot of hype ever since they hit the internet and social media. Why not try your hand at Emoji biscuits, cupcakes or cakes?
  9. Succulents & Cacti: Succulents have been all over Instagram on flatlays and are now part of trendy home decor. Why not do some succulent style food on your blog? How about succulent cupcakes or a cactus ice cream cone?
  10. Mason Jars: As a food blogger, there is no way to get around mason jars. Next to freakshakes, most other refreshing drinks look pretty amazing set up in a mason jar. Food arranged in a mason jar looks pretty nice and instagrammable too, such as chia pudding or even salads.

As a food blogger, the look of a meal is at least as important as the taste of a recipe. We hope we could give you some inspiration and ideas regarding which recipe to show next on your food blog while taking up on a current trend to increase the chances for your food blog recipe going viral on social media.

On this Pinterest board we have collected inspiration for the different trends for recipe ideas for your food blog:



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