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5 Tips for Taking the Perfect Flatlay

How to create a beautiful flatlay

Flatlays are the new selfies. Currently, you can find them on almost every blog and social media channel. With a flatlay, you can see beautifully arranged objects photographed from the bird’s eye view. They have become an essential part of the perfect Instagram feed and are particularly well received by followers and readers.

Here are our 5 tips for taking the perfect flatlay photos for your Instagram feed:

1. The bird’s eye view

A flatlay is shot from above. In order to get the best perspective, you can position objects directly on the ground or use a chair or ladder to get that Insta-ready flatlay right. Make sure that your image is as sharp as possible, so that each object in your flatlay take centre stage.

2. It’s all about the light

Light is not only an important component of beautiful flatlays, but plays an important role in photography in general. Natural light is the key – on dark days softboxes are a big help but cannot keep up with natural light. Be sure to create your flatlay in a position where it gets as much daylight as possible to avoid heavy shadows and dark images.

3. Choose a smooth background

The background of a flatlay should always match the displayed objects. Since flatlays usually contain several objects and materials, a simple background is usually a good choice. The most common backgrounds are white tables, bed linen, wooden floors, a marble mosaic or adhesive foil with different patterns.

4. Colors and materials

Just like the background, colours and materials must match the overall image of the flatlay and should complement the displayed objects rather than distract from them. Try to create a colour scheme before you start arranging your flatlay with materials and colours in mind, so that you can achieve an eye-catching image.

5 Tips for taking the perfect flat lay

5. Tell a story

A flatlay is not only a beautifully arranged picture from bird’s eye view, all the best ones tell a story. Think about what you want to convey to your readers and followers with your picture and set up the picture accordingly. For a flatlay about a new pair of sunglasses, a Macbook, keyboard and pencils are less relevant. Instead choose objects that say summer, sun, sea and sand.

What’s your favourite flatlay design? What tips and tricks do you use to make the perfect flatlay? You can get a lot of inspiration for great flatlays from Pinterest and to help you get started, we’ve created a Pinterest flatlay board for you to explore:


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