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7 Ways to Find Guest Blogger Opportunities

How to find guest blogger opportunities

Since Google determined that guest blogging for search engine optimisation (SEO) was a faux pas, guest blogging has gotten something of a bad rap. Because when it comes to successful guest blogging, content quality shouldn’t suffer in the name of backlinks.

But Google’s subsequent crackdown on guest blogging has created something of a blessing in disguise for bloggers. It has allowed for the re-emergence of guest bloggers with high quality content. Bloggers can once again boost their profile from guest blogging. But doing it well is essential. Here are out 7 tips on finding guest blogger opportunities.

1) Have your own blog

If you want to get ahead with guest blogging, the best place to start is to have your own blog.

When you apply to write a guest post, the person reading your email will definitely want to see the quality of the content you can produce. Writing good blog posts take writing skills, a clear tone of voice and good editing skills. Let them know you have what it takes to produce the perfect post by showing off your own blog and linking to this when applying for a guest post.

2) Be active on social media

If you want find the best guest blog post opportunities, make sure you’re utilising your social networks. Ideally your blog should have its own social channels. If not, promote your blog on your personal profiles at good opportunity.

Having successful social media channels will also help you when approaching bloggers for guest posts. A strong follower count and high engagement rate on social media will push your application right to the top of the pile. This places you in a great position to provide the guest blogging host with a potential new audience through your networks.

By the same token, an active social media presence can be a great way to forge relationships within the guest blogging community. Build up contacts with other guest bloggers and journalists by liking, commenting and sharing their activity. This can seem a frustratingly slow process but it will help you when you apply for guest blogger opportunities in the future.

3) Make use of Google

It’s true that some of the best things in life are free. When you’re looking for guest blog opportunities, the first place you should go to is Google Search. Spend some time scrolling through the first few results pages to get a full understanding of the different guest blogger opportunities that are available.

Use Google to research your competition and find out which sites they are writing guest blogging posts for. Google’s Boolean operators allow you to customise your searches to make it easier for you to find guest blogging sites.

Lets use the following example: your closest blogger competitor, Joe Bloggs, runs JoeBloggsBlog.com. To find out who he has been writing guest blog posts for, type “Joe Bloggs -JoeBloggsBlog.com” into the Google Search bar. Using the “-” operator, Google brings you all results containing “Joe Bloggs” which are not found on JoeBloggsBlog.com. If he has been guest blogging, his posts will show up here.

If you are an aspiring guest blogger, Google is your friend!

4) Target your niche

When looking for guest blog opportunities, it is always a good idea to target blogs in your niche. This increases the chance that readers will be engaged with your content and in turn, your blog.

Google loves relevant content. Successfully defining your niche gives you a greater chance of acceptance by a guest blogging site that matches your niche because the host will be rewarded by Google for relevant content. In a big way, Google acts as kingmaker amongst guest bloggers. Make sure that you are not just a ‘generalist’ blogger. Instead, dare to be different and define your niche.

If you would like to know more about how to find your blog niche then head over to the blogfoster Academy where we show you how it’s done.

5) Perfect your pitch

It couldn’t be simpler: those who fail to prepare, prepare to fail. The best way to prepare is to work on your pitch. Your pitch is the most important part of your search for guest blogger opportunities. It is your opportunity chance to catch a blogger’s attention. Make sure it is, ahem, pitch perfect.

Always tailor your pitch. The likelihood is that you are going to send out a whole host of guest blog applications. The worst thing that you can do is to copy and paste your application to every guest blogging site without personalising it. Try to demonstrate why you think your style and niche would make a great fit for their blog.

The best pitches get straight to the point, show that you understand what they are looking for and feel personal. Another great thing to include in your pitch is a media kit. As an influencer, blogger or content creator, a media kit acts as your business card, so make sure it makes a good impression.

You can find really useful pointers about how to write successful pitches by looking at the guidelines provided by a number of guest blogging websites. The Huffington Post gives potential guest bloggers a lot of help via its Pitching Strategy Guide. Always remember, however, that every blog is different and that you need to tailor your writing style accordingly.

6) Weed out low quality guest blog sites

If you write a guest post for a low-quality or low-ranked website, it can negatively impact your Google ranking. So it’s important you distinguish between the good, the bad, and the ugly.

So how do you make sure that a guest blog site is legit?

First of all, look for high rates of engagement. If a blog has lots of comments and shares it is likely to be on Google’s good side. Also have a look at the other guest bloggers on the site. Is it accepting everyone who applies? Or is it only letting guest bloggers publish an article if they have a clear message and strong content? If the latter is true, go ahead and apply! Two surefire signs of a low-quality site are pages with lots of adverts and an outdated design. Thankfully low-quality sites aren’t too hard to spot.

7) Don’t give up!

When starting a blog, growing your audience and social presence can take time and may seem slow and challenging at first. The same applies to guest blogging. After receiving a handful of rejections it can be very easy to become disheartened with guest blogging. Don’t give up! All it takes is a little perseverance and you will be guest blogging before you know it.

Guest blogs provide a great opportunity to reach new audiences, increase traffic to your blog and build your social media presence. Using these tips will help you to identify opportunities and hopefully gain some important guest blog spots.

How do you find find guest posts? What tips and trick do you use? Let us know in the comments and if you found this article helpful, share it on social media!




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