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7 Ways to Increase Your Followers on Instagram

More followers for your Instagram account

Instagram is currently the hottest photo sharing app. To increase the number of your Instagram followers and get more likes starts to be a desirable goal for the users happy to know that there are people who are interested in their life and their experiences.

Unfortunately, the desire to increase reach become so important that many Instagramers buy followers. Simply because potential collaboration partners only work with people with a high number of followers. Form them quantity is more important than quality, even the fake followers act as “dead” accounts without any activity or potential engagement. There is no need to buy fake followers. Actually we could consider this practice as a type of fraud.

That’s why we’ve compiled the most important tips for you to get more active followers on Instagram. People who appreciate your content and will love your pictures.

Be social!

Instagram is a “social” network. Just like you, other people are happy when their pictures and posts are valued and respected. So be proactive and like and comment pictures from other users. By following other people, your creations will also be displayed in the news of them, increasing the options to reach new followers.

Post regular, but with quality

While it is important to deliver content on a regular basis, the quality of your posts should always be a priority. No one really want to get 5 similar looking photos in a row. Try to show your followers at least once a day that you are still alive. If there are also 2 or 3 photos a day, then that is also still in the frame. However, these should then differ in every content.

Another tip: Check what your Instagram followers like to see and post related pictures. Just take a look in the likes and comments, and probably you will quickly notice what is good and what rather not.

Use hashtags

Hashtags can help to find your pictures better on the Internet. Use hashtags, but please in moderation! Text showing 30 tags are very annoying. Search for the top 10 tags that best describe your image. But be careful with hashtags like #fashion or #selfie. These terms are often searched for, but there are just as many contributions to it, and the chance of highlighting your among them is negligible. The opposite is use your own hashtags. That could be a funny practice, but will not help to be found.
In order to get targeted followers, there are special tags like # l7l, #f4f or #followme. Whether it is useful to use these special tags or not will be a personal decision. Although you can generate some Instagram followers, probably they follow you only because they want to have followers or likes and not because they like your profile so much.

Brands Tagging

If you want to attract direct brands or companies, link them to your picture. On an outfit post you can link the name of the brand. This gives you the chance to be discover by the brand, possibly get their interaction and get new followers from their list of Instagram followers. The same is true for geo tags. No matter what location you are, check in! Many users often look for who else was in the same place.

Keep your feed clean

The first impression counts! If someone clicks on your Instagram profile, he sees your entire feed first. A uniform and coherent feed looks more inviting at first glance and has more chances to click on the “Follow” button.

You should focus on a look to create your photos. See your Instagram profile as a great overall picture and do not just look at the individual posts. That means above all: Stay true to your style! Those who constantly switch between square and rectangular format and cool and warm light back and forth destroys the harmony. For photos it is best to record in daylight. This creates the ideal basis for successful photos.

Finger away from Instagram filters!

Speaking of image design – If you edit your pictures, please without the standard Instagram filter. Instagram has a little bit of an upgrade to the image processing, but the yellow of the egg looks different. Use photoapps such as Afterlight or VSCO Cam to edit your pictures. These offer you a lot more possibilities to add your own photos and give them a distinctive look.

Timing is everything

Social media is also a science in itself. Instagram’s mission to post snapshots on the road and share with his friends focus more in time sensitive content than other visual app as Pinterest. It does not matter if you post a super great picture in the middle of the night when all of your Instagram followers are offline. For Instagram it is recommended to post especially in the late afternoon / early evening. Since most people are either on their way home or are already sitting on the couch – the ideal opportunity to check out their social networks. You should use that!

Finally, a last tip: Be patient! Even if you follow all these tips, you will not gain 1,000 new followers overnight. But you can build a great community in the long term, which are really interested in your pictures and your person. And are we honestly. That is much better than purchase fake followers.

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