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Top 9 Instagram Apps and Tools of 2018

With more than 800 Instagram tools on the market to choose from, it may seem overwhelming if you don’t know what you need or where to start. From editing photos and videos to scheduling posts at the right times, Instagrammers of all sizes rely on apps and tools to help build their profiles.

Here are a list of the top apps and tools that can help you up your Instagram game:


Create a seamless video for your Instagram Story with the CutStory app. Import videos of any length or format and let the app cut 15 second clips in chronological order, so you can simply publish to your Instagram Story.


Create your own personal landing page with Linktree, a tool that allows you to optimise your Instagram traffic. Connect multiple links to your blog or social media channels and monitor your audience click-through rate.


A must have for any Instagrammer! Whether you’re a beginner or photoshop pro, VSCO allows you to edit your photos on a professional level. Use a range of customizable filters or manual edits which can be saved to multiple photos. A great way to ensure continuity between your photos!


A platform for anyone looking to manage all their social media channels. HootSuite allows you to schedule and publish posts directly to Instagram if you have a business account. The platform also calculates the best time to post and allows you to monitor your competition.


A powerful app that allows you to upload, store and schedule bulk photos to your Instagram account. Although Instagram doesn’t allow for apps like Later to post directly to your feed, you can create your posts directly in the app and have the flexibility to see how future posts look against your current feed.


Monitor the deep analytics of your account with Iconosquare, an app that gives you insights to your Instagram activity. Measure the engagement your followers have with your content and see what attracts your new followers.


Not sure which hashtags to use in your captions? Don’t stress! Using a computer vision algorithm, AutoHash finds the best hashtags for your photos automatically. Just upload your photo and let the app find hashtags for you.


Create unique Instagram stories by adding motion typography to your photos and videos with HypeType. Customize your content within the app using a range of themes and styles, with additional tools for editing videos.


A simple yet sleek app that allows you to create content using overlayed text and graphics. Whether you’re creating motivational quotes or Instagram Stories, Over makes it easy to achieve the style you want.



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