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Anatomy of a Blogger

Anatomy of a Blogger - blogfoster Academy

The image of a trendy influencer with a MacBook sitting in a Starbucks could be inspirational but not the most accurate when talking about the average type of blogger. In this post and infographic you can see the data we have collected and analysed from more than 8,500 bloggers during six months using blogfoster Influencer Marketing Technology.


Anatomy of a Blogger Infographic - blogfoster AcademyWho Is Blogging?

According to our data, the largest group of bloggers is between 25 and 34 years old (41.24%), followed by the age range between 18 and 24 (25.51%). One out of three are over 35 years old.

Women are more into the blogging space (65.10%). The biggest age and gender group is women between 18 and 34 years old (46.97%). In the case of men, the age group between 25 and 44 years represents 23.86% of all the blogger community.

Taking a look in the young segment (18 to 24 years old): females are almost three times more present than males (18.95% vs 6.75%).


Technology Used

51.83% of bloggers are using Windows, while only 32.82% work with Mac OS. Chrome is the most popular browser for 43.57% of the blogger community. Only 15.66% of the bloggers are using Safari as a browser on a Mac.

About the blogging platforms: WordPress is, with 74.54% of penetration in the blogger community the most popular option. eight out of ten WordPress blogs run on the self-hosted version. On a second position, far away from the market leader is Blogger.com, the platform used by 18.07% of the blogger community.


Blogging Schedule

Monday is when bloggers work more on their content and sponsored post campaigns, with 18.10% of the total week time, followed by Tuesday and Wednesday. These three days represent almost 50% of all the time dedicated to their blog. On Saturday most bloggers prefer not to be editing their content (only 8.87%). Surprisingly bloggers consider Sunday a better day to work (14.59%) than Thursday or Friday.

Bloggers are more active during daylight time. Almost one third of bloggers (32.19%) work on their blog between 9am to 2pm. Afternoon, between 3pm to 7pm, is preferred by 28.56% of bloggers. Finally, 21.47% of them feel more comfortable to working after sunset, between 8pm to midnight.


Blogging Topics

Based on IAB categories, the most popular topics to talk about are Food&Drinks (13.62%), Hobbies&Interests (12.34%) and Travel (10.04%). However, the more specific or technical topics such as Law, Gov’t & Politics (1.03%), Personal Finance (0.68%) and Real Estate (0.44%) are much less crowded.

Switching the focus on analysing the readers’ interest searching for content, we can identify five topics that represent 81.23% of the search volume among all 21 IAB categories: Style&Fashion (26.29%), Travel (16.68%), Automotive (16.36%), Food&Drinks (13.73%), and Health&Fitness (8.16%). These data have computed the average monthly search volume of the different blog categories using Google Keyword Planner.


Blogs Impact

Based on quantitative data we can group blogs based on the amount of page views they have every month. 62.11% of the blogs have an audience of less than 25,000 page views per month, 53.85% of them being micro niche (less than 10,000 page views per month). 26.30% have up to 75,000 page views and 11.59% have a reach higher than 75,000 monthly page views.

Among topics, 38.60% of the total of Shopping and 38.55% of the Style&Fashion blogs have a micro niche reach. While on the other side, Law, Gov’t & Politics (24.24%) and Technology& Computing (20.83%) blogs have a larger impact (more than 75,000 page views).


Has any of this data surprised you? Do your blogger characteristics fit in them? Does this Anatomy of a Blogger fit you? We love to hear your thoughts.

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