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7 Ways to Create Attention Grabbing Headlines for Your Blog

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A good headline is crucial to the success of your blog post. Internet users scan hundreds of headlines every day and decide in a matter of seconds whether to click on a post or not. Your blog post titles are the first impression but may quickly become the last one, if you are not able to convince people to click on your post.

In this article, we give you 7 tips to create attention grabbing headlines that will drive more traffic to your blog:

1. Analyse your Target Group

You as a blogger know your readers best. What interests your readers and why do they visit your blog? How would your readers like to be addressed? Use this knowledge to establish which types of headlines would appeal best to your target audience.

2. Get Personal

Even if your blog posts are addressed to a wide audience, most of them are alone when they read your articles. That means a blog post, along with the headline, becomes a form of direct communication. So try to make sure your headline is approachable and sounds personal and inviting.

3. Be Precise

The shorter the title, the better: the information in the title must be processed as quickly and easily as possible. Try to summarise your article’s content in 7 words max. How would you describe the content if you had to do it in one sentence? Try to rewrite the topic of your blog post very precisely, so that the reader gets a concrete overview of the content. Also for search engine optimisation, precise headings help you to rank better than vague titles.

Bad example: Newsletter for Bloggers
Good example: How to Send a Successful Blog Newsletter

4. Be Punchy

A headline must be compact, but still contain enough convincing information. Therefore, do not spare adjectives, strong verbs and exciting nouns, which describes the content in an exciting and engaging way. You want people to click on the post, so motivate them to do it!

Bonus tip: At smartblogincome.com you can find a useful list of viral headline words that are perfect for blog post titles.

Bad example: 10 Tips for Facebook
Better example: The 10 Ultimate Tips for Facebook Success

5. Try Listicles

Numbers are the magic formula for blog headings. They awaken expectations to the reader and conceal a promise or solution to a particular problem. According to studies, odd numbers work better than even numbers and should also be written out because of the character limitation. Numbers also convey a certain structure and credibility of the text behind the headline.

6. Include Keywords

Keywords are particularly important for SEO. They not only reveal something about your blog post, but help you to get a better ranking on Google or Pinterest.

Bonus tip: Try to place the keywords in the first three words of your headline.

7. Make a Promise (and Deliver)

Create headlines which communicate a value to your readers. You want to convince them to click on the blog post and what better way than to tell them the benefits of reading it, upfront. A great way to do this could be to pose a question in your title and answer it in your blog post. Or describe a problem and provide a solution to your readers.

Remember: Only use realistic headlines – clickbait titles may bring you more traffic, but often lead to disappointment and a high bounce rate, which will negatively impact your SEO ranking.

If you combine these tips, you will be able to create attention grabbing headlines for your next blog post. How do you create great headlines? What are some of your tips? Tell us in the comments!



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