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What Are Blocked Resources? (Google Webmaster Tools)

If you use Google Webmaster Tools you would probably know the option “Blocked resources”. When using blogfoster Insights it can happen that our script appears there as a blocked resource. That may avoid a correct performance of our Insight process.

This looks something like this:


What does that mean?

Google wants to know exactly how your page looks for a reader. Google describes this as follows: “Googlebot needs access to many resources on your page in order to render and index the page optimally. For example, JavaScript, CSS, and image files should be available to Googlebot so that it can see pages like an average user.


Is this a problem?

No. The installation of blogfoster Insights has no influence on your web display and is not visible to your readers. Therefore, this blocking can be ignored. Google confirms that not important resources such as pixel tracking or counter can be ignored.


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