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Blog Photography Tips That All Bloggers Should Know

A core component of any great blog is the ability to tell a story with more than words. Blog photography is incredibly important and you’ve probably noticed that your favourite bloggers are more than just wordsmiths, they are amateur photographers too. Impeccable blog photography, like blog design, is one of the first things your readers will see and it can either entice them to explore or encourage them to leave. So getting this area of your blog right is very worthwhile.

Whether you are using a digital camera or your phone doesn’t matter. Knowing the basic principles of photography can help you to drastically improve your skills and capture beautiful images. These are the essential things you should take into consideration when you are creating images for your blog.


Composition is the arrangement of elements within a frame. A great beginner’s tip is the Rule of Thirds. This is the idea that a frame is divided into nine equal squares.

Rule of Thirds

Most great images align the subject within these squares and along the intersections. Most digital cameras and mobile phones have this feature already built-in.


When and where you are shooting is as often as important as what you are shooting. Natural light is almost always better than flash, so choose the right time of day. The Golden Hour, also know as the “Magic Hour”, is the time just after sunrise and just before sunset. So names because the light at these times is considered warmer and softer, making for better photographs. When next doing a blog photography shoot, try to choose a place with lots of natural light and ideally, during the “Magic Hour”, and see what the results are.


Depending on what you blog about, the types of background you have will vary. If you are a food photographer, you’ll probably use more of a flatlay style to showcase your creations. If you blog about fashion, then the street is probably your catwalk. Wherever it is, ensure that your background complements and enhances the subject of your photograph rather than distracts from it.

Want to know how to create the perfect flatlay? Check out this post.

Photo Editing

It’s amazing the difference between an edited and unedited photograph.

A simple before and after to highlight the benefits of photo editing…

Original photo
After editing

As the example highlights, if you’ve captured an okay image, you can transform it with some photo editing software and apps. Not sure which are the best ones to use? We’ve compiled a full list of apps and tools you can use.

Getting your blog photography right can really help to improve your blog and will certainly make it look more professional. Try implementing one or all of these to make your blog look better and engage more readers. Did you find this helpful? If you did, share it on social media!