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How We Use blogfoster Insights to Bring You Great Brand Collaborations

We get asked a lot of questions about our platform and one of the ones we hear the most is why do bloggers need to integrate our blogfoster Insights plugin into their website. We understand that it takes a lot of trust to install a new plugin into the blog that you have put a lot of time and energy into growing. What does the plugin do? What data can you see? What happens to the data? We want to address these questions and demystify the plugin so you can start participating in brand collaborations with us (if you haven’t already).

Why Do You Use Insights?

At blogfoster, we get excited about bloggers, brands and the great campaigns we can create together. We’ve spent the past few years creating a platform that brings brands and influencers together in a clear, uncomplicated and streamlined way.  We want our bloggers to be able to sign-up, spot a brand that they want to collaborate with, and apply.

Since launching in 2013, our influencer community has grown substantially and we are now proud to play host to both social media ‘stars’ and micro-influencers. Whether you have 5k or 500k followers, our influencers all share a passion and enthusiasm for their craft. We recognise how much effort goes into building a successful blog, vlog and social media channels and we want to create brand-influencer partnerships that are a good fit.

After testing different options and thinking about the best ways to achieve this, we developed blogfoster Insights. Our Insights enables us to easily match you with the best campaigns for your audience, personal brand and voice and decide a price per post that matches your reach (we call this your influencer power).

How Does Insights Work?

blogfoster Insights works in a similar way to Google Analytics, but we only see what’s essential, such as your blog’s average monthly page impressions. This way, we can quickly and accurately calculate your influencer power and work out whether a new campaign would be a good fit for your blog.

Do Brands See My Data?

No. When you apply for a campaign, our campaign managers receive your application along with the current number of page impression from the last month. This data is used to determine how much you get paid for a post and to match bloggers to a brand’s specifications. But the client does not have access to your data.

After a collaboration, the client is given a report outlining the performance of all sponsored posts that were released as part of the campaign e.g. number of clicks generated from each blog. But this only relates to the specific campaign that you have participated in and not your blog as a whole.

Who Else Has Access to My Data?

Only you and the blogfoster team. In your blogfoster account, you can see exactly what we see. Data that allows us to show you the best campaigns for your blog. Moreover, Insights is hosted on our company server in Germany, meaning that data privacy is stricter than in many other countries.

Does Installing the Plugin Effect Loading Times?

No. Insights is built so that the loading time is the same as it would be if Insights was not installed.

How do I Install Insights?

If you haven’t yet installed Insights and want to participate in our campaigns, we’ve got tutorials to help you get set up, whichever platform you are using.

Hopefully this highlights why blogfoster Insights is an integral part of bringing you the best influencer-brand collaborations. If you have any questions you still want answered, drop them in the comments!