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blogfoster UK has Landed in London

When you think of German export goods it’s not only about cars and beer, there are some great software products developed in Germany as well. Following this principle, blogfoster is keen to expand to the European market. The first and most important step was taken two weeks ago in the UK. We officially launched blogfoster UK together with fifty invitees in London.

blogfoster UK has landed in London

We introduced blogfoster UK to bloggers, brands and advertisers as well as press representatives at The Hospital Club in Central London. A short company presentation held by Co-founder and CEO Jan Homann was followed by a detailed product demo presented by Co-founder and CPM Simon Staib. Bloggers like Ophélie from Ophélies Journey were quite impressed by our technology:

blogfoster launch UK-blogfoster Academy
Ophélie and Eileen talking blogs



„For me, it’s a great tool to find collaborations more easily and not having to negotiate prices.”



Why the UK?

After establishing blogfoster in the German speaking market we are keen to take the next step towards further growth by launching our services in the UK. We are highly motivated to repeat the success we had in Germany in the UK. The UK blogging scene is more advanced than in Germany. We strive to realise its full monetisation potential for the benefit of both bloggers and advertisers. This is one of the main reasons why we chose the UK to be the first non-German speaking international market.

“Entering the UK market is logical for us: it is the largest advertiser market in Europe and has great relevance worldwide. We are already the clear market leader in the German market. With our cutting edge technology we now want to expand our international footprint and continue our unique success story in the UK. Our clear goal for the next two years is to become the leading cross-channel technology provider for Influencer Marketing in Europe”, says Jan Homann, Co-founder and CEO at blogfoster.

blogfoster is landing in the UK-blogfoster Academy
Rachel from The Little Pip

Who else was there?

In addition to numerous bloggers, varying from fashion (The Yellow Caramelo , Thanee, Doras Fashion Space) to food (Food and Baker, Smoke Bart) and parenting (The Little Pip), we were very happy to be able to welcome Dr. Gerrit Seidel, Partner and Managing Director of yabeo Capital GmbH as one of our investors at the event. He was giving an inspiring speech: “Team, technology and scalability – three success factors for startups. blogfoster has them all.”

So far we have more than 800 bloggers signed-up in the UK and are looking forward to offer them the first sponsored post campaigns in the next weeks. If you are interested to learn how the next steps of blogfoster UK will look like, check our new Instagram channel blogfoster_uk.

For more information feel free to contact us at academy@blogfoster.com.





Any questions? Reach us through academy@blogfoster.com and we will get back to you.