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The Pricing for Blog Posts at blogfoster

Over the next few months the pricing of our blog campaigns will be changing. The pricing will be adjusted via a step-by-step process for each campaign.

The new pricing model is more attractive for both bloggers and influencers and will create greater fairness between content creators and brand partners. Going forward, influencer and bloggers will no longer be paid a flat rate no longer based solely on monthly p into account.

This highly flexible system means that as your blog gets more successful, your payment increases. Before, to be paid more for a collaboration, you would need to reach the next ‘payment level’; now it can increase from post to post. The new flexible pricing model also increases the chances of being chosen for collaborations, as bloggers with less than 5K fpage impressions will be eligible to apply for campaigns.

What makes the new pricing different?

The new pricing model brings about a change that we’re really proud of: now even smaller bloggers (from 1,000 page views) can make money through our platform. We’re fans of all blogs, big and small, so it was very important to us that even smaller/niche bloggers have the opportunity to monetise their content.

But the new pricing also brings new opportunities for big bloggers, as the better your performance, the more you can earn with us. From now on, there is no cap on the amount you could earn from a collaboration.

We understand and appreciate how much it takes to create a blog and build an engaged community. We also know how much effort it takes to plan and write posts and curate content. We want to ensure that bloggers are always rewarded for these efforts, so we are introducing a minimum payment for each blog post. This then increases based on the performance of your post.

What is meant by my ‘base payment’?

You can find your base payment in the ‘Insights’ section on your blogfoster dashboard. On top of your base payment, there might also be other bonuses. This depends on the particular campaign. The exact amount you can earn for a campaign can be found in the ‘Sponsored Posts’ section. The base payment is only a guideline for what you could earn by taking part in collaborations.

How can I increase my base payment?

Your price is calculated by your blog’s total monthly page views, the total number of impressions that your previous blogfoster sponsored posts received, and the average time on the website of your visitors. If your last sponsored post went really well, then we will pay you more for the next one.

Why do I still see the old prices in my ‘Sponsored Post’ section?

The transition to our new pricing model will not happen overnight. We will stagger it so that both bloggers and brands have time to adjust to the new pricing model. We anticipate that this will take a few months before all featured campaigns are paid according to the new pricing.

Ready to grow your blog and create sponsored content? Head over to the Influencer Guide on the blogfoster Academy to find more tips on how to create great content and make your blog more popular.

If you have any questions or feedback surrounding the new pricing, please send us an email: support@blogfoster.com. We look forward to hearing from you!


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