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UK Blogger Events You Should Attend

Blogger Events UK

Attending blogger events can be great for so many different reasons. They are a perfect opportunity for bloggers to get together and share their experiences. They also allow brands and bloggers to meet, providing excellent networking opportunities, especially for bloggers wanting to collaborate. Getting to meet the people behind the blog and connect with bloggers in your network can be invaluable and help you to grow your channel. Plus, they’re fun! So to help you make the most of blogging events near you, here is everything you need to know about where to find them, which are the best to attend and how you can make the most of the experience.

Blogger Events in the UK

UK blogger events come in different shapes and sizes. Some take the form of experiential events in which businesses engage with bloggers to launch a new product or develop relationships. Agencies also often set up events in order to bring together brands and bloggers.

But sometimes they have very little commercial input at all. Instead, they are simply run by bloggers for bloggers, to meet, greet and connect. One such event is the upcoming blogosphere festival, taking place in December at the Tab Centre in Shoreditch, London.

You also have blogger events designed for readers and fans to meet their favourite bloggers face to face.

Specialist vs General Blogger Events

Blogger events range from those that target a very specific audience to those that target a diverse audience. A number of blogger events coming up in London, for instance, cater to a targeted audience. The HBCxMeet, for instance, has a particular focus on health and fitness. While the Chelsea Boutique Blogger & Press Day is devoted to the needs of fashion bloggers.

The bigger blogging conferences taking place in our nation’s capital often invite bloggers of all backgrounds. Blogtacular is a great example of a blogger conference that touches upon a whole host of topics across the blogosphere. The latest conference took place near St. Paul’s Cathedral and proved hugely successful, perhaps in part because it was accessible to so many different kinds of bloggers. There are plenty more events like this, including last month’s ‘Breakthrough in Blogging’ conference, held by the Creative Industry Hub.

Leave the Big Smoke

By no means are blogging events limited to London. If you live north of the Watford Gap then you can still take part in a huge number of events. Mid-September saw the most recent event put on by BlogOn in Manchester. BlogOn’s latest instalment brought together bloggers and toy makers.

Why not take a trip to Edinburgh to visit the Edinburgh Blogger Conference’s Vlogging 101 event in December? If the last Edinburgh Blogger Conference in June is anything to go by, it’s not one to miss. Take a break from the capital’s constant “mind the gap” and get some clean Scottish air at the top of Arthur’s Seat, before heading back down for some excellent new tips from some of the UK’s most interesting bloggers.

Get involved!

There are so many excellent blogging events taking place throughout the UK. Whether you’re starting out as a blogger or you’ve been a paid up member of the blogosphere for a few years, attending these events can be invaluable!

You will learn countless blogging tricks and tips at the upcoming UK blogging conferences and meetups. If you can’t wait that long, check out our essential guide to finding your blog niche on the blogfoster Academy.