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Vlogger, Blogger or Influencer? – Is there an Identity Crisis?

There are new social media platforms popping up almost every day. Naturally, the rising stars of these platforms need some kind of “name” to call themselves. People uploading videos on Youtube might be called a “youtuber” or “vlogger”, active of users of Instagram call themselves “instagramers”, or a person writing a blog will call themselves a “blogger”.

What is an influencer?

Nowadays you cannot draw a line between the big “stars” of different social media channels, as most users do not only use one of them. As there was the need for a term that would cover all of these people who had a large amount of loyal followers on social media, the term “influencer” was created. Influencers on social media have a huge impact on their fans and followers; this also goes for purchasing decisions. If a big youtuber or instagrammer promotes and recommends a product on their channel, many followers will buy the recommended product straight away.

www.businessdictionary.com regards an influencer to be “an individual who has the power to affect purchase decisions of others”. For an influencer who is active on social media, this is crucial as there are many who have made a living out of sharing products on their social channels to support a brand’s marketing strategy.

Influencer or blogger? – “We are all content creators”

At the Rock the Blog 2017 conference at CeBIT in Hanover, we asked four so-called influencers how they would like to be called.

Christina Key and Luísa Lión see themselves as bloggers since their main channel is their blog, even though they share content on other channels (such as Instagram) as well. Both of them agree that blogging is the only medium where you can have 100% control of your content.

Marvin Göldner points out that nobody really likes to be called an “influencer” and suggests the term “content creator” be used instead, as it covers what unifies all of them, regardless of which channel or platform they are using.

We can only guess which channels and platforms will be dominant in the future, but there is no doubt that each of them will bring up a new identity or at least a new name for their users. Whether you want to call yourself an influencer, blogger or something else, the choice is yours.

Even though Christina Key, Marvin Göldner, Manu Thiele, and Luísa Lión agree that there is no identity crisis for influencers (at the moment), we are curious if there will be new terms and identities popping up with new social media channels.
Find out more about all the trends and topics in influencer marketing 2017 that were discussed at the Rock the Blog conference 2017 at the CeBIT in Hanover.

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