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CEBIT!signals Creative Talents – Join the competition now!

CEBIT!signals Creative Talents

No matter if it is movies, TV or music – in every creative branch there is some sort of award ceremony. Every industry rewards the best and most innovative artists for their hard job in order to help the winners to establish themselves as well-known artists. For some years now, there are a lot of new creative people coexisting next to the established ones, that spread their productions through internet and social media independently: influencers, bloggers and content creators serve us new and elaborative texts, pictures and videos on a daily basis! So why not rewarding them for their hard work as well?

Starting with the idea, to the production, to the spread of the content, the whole creation process is in hand of one person. Actually, it should be obvious that this requires a lot of work, lots of creativity and passion. But maybe because of the big amount of content and how it is scattered, or because of the missing or wrong understanding of the hard work behind every picture or blogpost – until now the work of influencers, bloggers and content creators didn’t receive that much public attention, not to mention being respectfully rewarded as it should be.

At CEBIT!signals, Europe’s biggest influencer marketing conference, this fact is going to change! In context of the CEBIT in Hannover on 15 June 2018, the best and most creative works of influencers and content creators will be honoured in five different categories. It will not be about the reach or the amount of followers of one content creator – the focus of this award ceremony will be the creativity, quality and individuality of the content and on the relationship between content creator and their community. Thus, the CEBIT!signals Creative Talents steps in for a colourful and diverse future in influencer marketing and content creation.

Applications for the CEBIT!signals Creative Talents are open for every content creator from Germany, Austria and Switzerland. You are able to apply until the 28 May 2018 with your content and channel concept on the award’s homepage for one or more of the following categories:

Best Creative Content

No matter if picture, video or blogpost – it is obvious that influencer’s content require a lot of creativity and work. The content creators in this category convince with high-quality and individual productions and are role models for digital content creation.

Best Influencer Community

The influencer’s success depends on their community! Therefore, this category addresses the people that hide behind the 10K, 50K or 100K. The content creators in this category have a really loyal and active fan base in their social networks.

Best Influencer Collection

Influencer are not only brand ambassadors – they sometimes can be brand makers, too. This category’s content creators designed the most beautiful and creative products for their follower and brought it to the market.

Best Newcomer presented by styleranking

To establish yourself as a successful content creator and influencer can be very difficult. Content creators in this category have already prepared themselves during the last year for their big breakthrough. Everyone should keep an eye on them in the future.

Best Changemaker

Influencer marketing is often associated with plain product recommendation in social media by public voices. But content creators in this category prove that influencers can do more! They use their reach to go new paths, to show problems in the society and to stand up for a good cause.

Take your chance now and apply for the category where you and your content fits the best. The aoolictaion process is open till Monday, 28.05.2018. Once the process is closed every application will be examined and evaluated by an independent jury of marketing and social media experts. The nominees in each category will be published on the website. The winner of every category will be announced on 15 June 2018 on the CEBIT!signals conference on the Grand Central Stage in front of 1.000 guests. There will be influencers, content creators and companies and marketing-experts, as well. Therefore you are not only having the chance to be honored as a winner of the first CEBIT!signals Creative talents, but also exchange with colleagues and potential cooperation partners. For all of your followers that can not attend the conference, there will be an online livestream.

You cannot wait to apply? You’ll find further information about the participation of the CEBIT!signals Creative Talents on the award’s homepage! Only a few steps and a little luck and you’ll may be one of the five happy CEBIT!signals Creative Talents.


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