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How to Exclude Referrer Spam

What is referrer spam?

When you take look at your Google Analytics and where your visitors are coming from, it might occur to you that there are some strange entries such as:

  • buytraffic.com
  • blackhatseo.com
  • traffic24.com

This is referrer spam. Other websites automatically generate fake traffic to your blog to draw your attention to their websites.

These visitors are not real users, but bots who pretend to be real human users. blogfoster Insights filters this traffic, and this can lead to discrepancy from your Google Analytics statistics.

Therefore, it is recommended to filter this traffic out of your Google Analytics reporting to get valid data. This is how you can do it:

Identify referrer spam

To identify referrer spam, go to Acquisition>All Traffic>Referrals and click through the results. If there are any strange entries, you can click on them and make sure that it is a proper website.

We will release a list with suspicious websites that we filter out automatically shortly. Copy the suspicious URL(s).

Set a filter for Google Analytics

Go to the “Admin” section in the bottom left corner of your Google Analytics.

Afterwards go on “All Filters” and “Add Filter”

Name the new filter and choose filter type “custom”. After this choose “Exclude” as option and “Referrals” in the “Filter Field”. Insert the suspicious URL in the “Filter Pattern” Section.


In the last step you need to apply the filter to views and “All Website Data”.

Save the new settings and you are ready to go. The traffic from these domains will now be filtered out. It can take a few hours until Google Analytics shows the results using all filters.



Any questions? Reach us through academy@blogfoster.com and we will get back to you.