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Fashion Blog Photography: Top Tips

There’s no doubt that high-impact imagery is the key to success in the fashion blogging world. Well composed, high-quality fashion blog photography has become a staple of style blogging.

Good quality photography is so important, not just in making sure your readers have an enjoyable visual experience on your blog, but also to make sure you’re able to showcase each fashion piece in its best light. Whether you’re doing sponsored posts, and want to really highlight a specific part of the outfit, or if you’re just really feeling your style and want to share it with your audience, mastering fashion blog photography is essential.

Here are our top 3 tips for making your fashion photography really pop!

Fashion Blog Photography Background

 1. Pick A Great Backdrop

Make sure the background of your photo reflects the style of your outfit! Even if you’re doing flatlays not #OOTDs the background should reflect the overall tone of the products you’ve curated.

Many of the best fashion photographs have a shallow depth of field, to better focus the viewers attention. Therefore, you need to consider that your background will be quite blurry: look for bright colours and dynamic shapes that compliment the colours, lines, and layers of your outfit.

Alternatively, you can include the background in your focal field and pick one that really adds to the outfit. A classic ‘fashion blogger’ background staple is the alley wall; find one covered in graffiti for more monochromatic, street looks, or go for plain concrete for more colourful styles.


Fashion Blog Photography Detail

2. Get Up Close

The Devil is in the details. People love to see detailed closeups of outfits. Maybe you chose a beautiful necklace to compliment your turtleneck, but it’s too delicate to be seen in a full body shot. Include a cropped in image focusing just on the jewelry to give your viewers a better look at all the special elements you’ve put together.


Fashion Blog Photography

3. Relax!

A big part of the reason fashion blogging has become so successful is that people felt that the style tips were coming from ‘everyday people’, rather than inaccessible fashion magazines. It’s important to maintain your blog’s personal feel. Don’t just stand there like a mannequin, let the camera capture you acting as you would in your everyday life! That way people get a better idea of your personality, as well as how the clothes behave when they’re moving.


Got any other tips to make fashion photography pop? We’d love to hear your comments down below! Also check out these 5 fashion influencers you should be following in 2018.



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