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Holidays as Blogger – How to Schedule Your Content

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Going on holiday and having some down time can be challenging. For most bloggers, holidays mean even more work because at the beach you can shoot the perfect Instagram photos. Of course, it is probably not realistic to to stay off of social media completely. The goal isn’t to take a technology break, but you still need some time to enjoy your vacation! In this article, we will show you how to make some time for breaks and relax while on holiday.

Holidays as a blogger: Consistency instead of content flood

When you already know that you will be away for a while, you should have a look into your content plan (this is advised for full-time bloggers as well as hobby bloggers) and maybe save some of your content for later. If you post weekly, you should plan some time to produce extra content for when you are away. You should be ahead of your plan to have a better overview and be more relaxed when producing content.

As it is not great to have no content for two weeks, it makes sense to spread your content evenly over the whole month. Take a look to see how often you are posting a week in a normal month and figure out what will be manageable with your vacation plans. It’s fine to post less every week, just make sure the content is spread out so you still are posting content on a regular basis.

Pre-plan collaborations for your holidays as a blogger

As a blogger, it is also important to take some time for yourself! Collaboration partners should understand that, but make sure you plan enough time for upcoming collaborations. You should also create an out-of-office notification for your emails to let your contacts know that you will not be checking your inbox as regularly as you normally do. You should still have a look occasionally to see if anything really urgent comes in, but only respond to the important emails.

Plan your blog posts and social media

The advantage of a blog is that it is very easy to schedule posts (e.g. on WordPress) so that they will be published automatically. There is also a smartphone app for Blogger and WordPress so that you can react to comments on the go. For the Facebook Business manager, there is a smartphone app to plan and watch your posts there. To plan your tweets, you should take a look at Tweetdeck.

There are also options to schedule your Pinterest content with Tailwind. Other tools let you have all of your social media channels on one dashboard, such as Hootsuite. You will find more apps and tools for organizing your content in our apps and tools for bloggers article.

Channels like Snapchat and Instagram Stories cannot be planned. So, if you also want a break here and you normally are very active on these channels, you should definitely let your followers know about the break. You can just decrease the amount of content there and share some moments during your holidays. In the end, you have to decide what you feel comfortable with.

How to combine blogging and holidays

It is possible to get a break from blogging, but how far you take this break is completely up to you. One option could be to decide to only do the things you really enjoy. No matter how you deal with it, it is important to let your followers know that you will post less to keep up with your credibility.

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