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How to Create a Successful Newsletter as a Blogger

Must-Have: Blog-Newsletter

Content is king. This does not only apply to your blog, but also to newsletters. In terms of content, there can be a huge difference between emails with added value and newsletters which are full of advertisements. Not every newsletter has what it takes to please your audience and boost your blog traffic. In this article, we share some information about promoting your newsletter as well as some awesome newsletter ideas.

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How to promote your newsletter

You want to gain a lot of new subscribers for your newsletter? Make sure to place your newsletter form where your readers can directly see it. A well-liked spot for a newsletter form is the sidebar of your blog. Additionally, you can also put it in the footer area. Pop-up windows are another great way to place your newsletter form but be careful. Pop-ups can be distracting and the majority of blog readers are annoyed by large pop-ups – that is why less is more.

Sharing your registration form on all your social media channels is also a great way to promote your newsletter. Existing followers enjoy getting more content and additional goodies from you and your blog. So do not forget to tell your social media followers about your newsletter too!

Convince your readers

Only very few readers sign up for newsletters just out of curiousity for the blogger. If you want to gain a large subscriber list, you should give your audience a reason why they should sign up. This means giving information about the content as well as how often you intend to send newsletters.

But giving information is not enough when it comes to newsletters. To gain lots of subscribers, you have to offer them some exclusive content which is only available by signing up for your newsletter. This can vary depending on your blog’s focus: a discount, e-book or free printable – you know your audience best! There are only two things to consider: it has to be added value for your audience and it has to be free. Because who doesn’t love free stuff

6 ideas for newsletter content

Once you have found the perfect spot(s) for your newsletter form, it is time to think about the content of your newsletters. A newsletter is not only a list of old blog posts, but rather the opportunity to communicate with your audience. There are plenty of ways to provide your readers with additional information and content around your blog. Here are some newsletter ideas:


  • Highlights of your blog: Promote old blog posts by linking them with pictures and short teasers.
  • Coupons, giveaways and activities: Incorporate exclusive things – only for your subscribers.
  • A look behind the scenes: Show your audience how a blog post is made.
  • Recommendations: Do you have a favorite restaurant or a special product you love? Put it in your newsletter – your audience is looking forward to your recommendations.
  • Previews: Reveal what is coming next on your blog.
  • Goodies/Freebies: To-do lists, quotes or helpful checklists – with free printables you can win your audience’s heart.


By taking account of these tips, you will be able to not only promote your newsletter in the best way but also create added value for your subscribers to increase your blog traffic, as well as intensify your readers engagement.

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