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How to Create Instagram Screenshots for Reporting

In this article, we will show you how and what screenshots you create after participating in a campaign for reporting.

Important: To have access to the Instagram Analytics tool, you must convert your Instagram account into a business profile. The Analytics tool gives you more insight into your activities and provides information about impressions, reach, and interaction. So you can find out which contributions are best for your followers and which are not.

You will now be able to retrieve the related information about like, comments, impressions, etc. under each posted Instagram image.


More detailed statistics on your postings can be found by going to your Instagram profile. On the top right is a button that shows several bars. Behind it, you will find valuable information about the statistics of your Instagram postings. You can also get all your Instagram Stories from the past 14 days.


We need this information from you after participating in an Instagram campaign:

For Instagram Images: Create a screenshot of your Instagram posting. The screenshot should show both the picture and the number of likes and comments. Use the Analytics tool, which can be displayed under each image.

For Instagram Stories: For Instagram Stories, we need the story as a file, plus the related statistics. To save an Instagram story, go to your story and click the three small dots in the lower right corner. Then click on “Save” – ​​here you have the option “Save story”. The story now appears as an MP4 file in your gallery. Also make a screenshot of the views, which you can find in the detailed statistics that you have reached your profile.