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How to Install the Pinterest Pin-it Button on Your Blog

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Pinterest is a huge source of inspiration. Whether it’s recipes, interiors, DIY or fashion, at Pinterest you will find creative ideas and helpful instructions for almost every interest. Your own blog content should also be found on Pinterest, because Pinterest is a valuable source of traffic. Of course, you don’t have to do all the work alone: ​​the Pinterest Pin-It button allows your readers to directly share your blog images to their own pinboards.

In this article, we will show you how the Pin-It button works and how to integrate it into your blog.

What is the Pin-It Button?

The Pinterest Pin-It Button is placed on your blog’s images and allows your readers to pin your content directly to their own Pinterest pinboards.

There are two different types of Pin-It buttons:

  1. Automatic buttons: A clickable Pinterest button is placed over each of your blog images and is displayed at any time.
  2. Hover buttons: These buttons only appear when a reader moves their mouse over an image of your blog.

Pin-It Button: Default vs. Personalised

Pinterest offers a preset Pin-It button, but you can also create your own custom buttons to suit your blog’s design.

To create your own Pin-It buttons you can use Canva or Photoshop.Remember that buttons with a transparent background should be saved as png, so that they can overlay your image without creating a white background.

How to Get the Pin-It Button

Pinterest offers a simple guide for the Pin-It Button, which gives step-by-step instructions on how to integrate the button across several blogging platforms.

Thanks to the WordPress plugin jQuery Pin It Button For Images, installing the Pin-It button for WordPress blogs is quite simple – even without an HTML code. You can also choose between using the default button or adding your own custom Pin-It button.

Simply download the plugin and install it on your WordPress blog. You can find the plugin on your Dashboard under ‘Settings’, where you can adjust some features. Under the ‘Visual’ tab, for example, you can upload your personalised Pin-It button and specify on which images and in what position you want the button to appear.

As you can see, installing the Pin-It button is really simple and it is totally worth it. Do you already have a Pinterest Pin-It button for your blog?

If you want to know more about Pinterest, you should check out our articles for more success on Pinterest and how you can find Pinterest group boards and make the best use of them.

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  • Also bei mir ist ein Pinterest Plugin installiert damit man eben genau jene interessanten Bilder “festhalten” kann 🙂 War eine der Basisfunktionen die ich integriert haben wollte. Pinterest kann nicht nur hilfreich sein, sondern auch sehr spaßig 🙂



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