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I Can’t Apply For Sponsored Posts – How Do I Install blogfoster Insights?

This is a quick tutorial that will help you install blogfoster Insights if campaigns are shown as “not available” when you log in.

Oh dear! You’ve gotten a lovely email alerting you to a new campaign and you log in, only to be confronted by this image.

1. Make sure you are logged into your blogfoster account, otherwise the following links may not work for you.
2. First head over to the Insights tab on the left (second from the top).
3. If this is what you see, then head on to the Channels tab.

Channel not ready. How to fix this?

4. The red bar should have a blogfoster symbol and say the name of your blog. If you see this as “not ready,” then please click on the red bar to continue.
A menu will drop down – click on the “next” button twice to get to the blogfoster Insights page.

Follow the instructions to install blogfoster Insights for your blog.

Here are the tutorials on how to install blogfoster Insights for a variety of blog software:


  • Help! I don’t know how to install blogfoster Insights!
    Get in touch with our lovely team at support@blogfoster.com
  • I’ve installed blogfoster Insights correctly and it’s showing numbers, but they are impossibly low!
    How recently did you install blogfoster Insights? Remember our software starts with a clean slate and doesn’t start counting until the moment it is installed, so it will not show any previous data. Wait 3-4 days for the system to collect enough data — then it will make a prediction about how many page impressions we expect over a period of 30 days and you will be eligible to apply if your blog has more than 10,000 page impressions per month.
  • I’ve installed blogfoster Insights correctly, it’s showing numbers, they are correct but it still says I’m not eligible!
    Where does your traffic come from? For UK campaigns (especially if we’re shipping products), we expect a high percentage of UK traffic. Products and services that are only available in UK should be shown to a mostly-UK audience. Head over to your Insights page and click on your blog details to see where your traffic is coming from. The box labeled “Country” is on the left side, third from the top.
  • I need more info on the campaign/something content-related!
    Write us at bloggerteam@blogfoster.com.