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IAB Categories for Blogs

IAB blog categories - blogfoster Academy
How to categorize a blog has been an undefined area. There are different methodologies and the final classification sometimes is based on a personal approach. In this post you can discover which are the categories defined by IAB that will turn into the industry standards.

Achieving a perfect matching between influencers topics and advertisers’ categories is the first step to build a successful campaign. Until now, the classification was not fully defined, causing some inefficiencies and discrepancies among the bloggers’ interest and brands’ goals. The new IAB categories is fixing this problem defining a close list of categories and subcategories that will be the standard in the online marketing industry.

What is IAB?
IAB Europe - blogfoster AcademyIAB (Interactive Advertising Bureau) is the main advertising business organization gathering the most important media companies. Its main mission is to define and implement technical standards as well as to identify best practices to help companies get the best results from online advertising and digital marketing campaigns.

In the following months IAB will set rules for online categories with the aim to standardize the terminology used by different players so both, advertisers and influencers can match the right and precise topic. This will be a big advantage for your blog whenever you can classify it in the appropriate categories. It is similar to the use of the right keyword in search engine optimization.

What are the advantages of the IAB categories?
The new categories are simpler. They allow us to classify the influencer and the advertiser more accurately. It also reinforces the trust and the quality control among the different players. With the new categories, on blogfoster we can make you more targeted suggestions on potential sponsored content. You know best in which category your blog fits and sometimes is not only one. By selecting your own categories in a precise way, you will only receive newsletters with topics that are appealing to you.

See below some of the main categories and subcategories. You can check the complete IAB categories list here

IAB Categories - blogfoster Academy

Entertainment & Arts -> Books & Literature, Music
Car -> vintage cars, fans of certain brands or models, car repair, tuning
Business -> Marketing, Sustainability, Logistics
Career -> Career planning, job search, career promotion
Moms & Dads -> Family, Pregnancy, Kids, Kids with special needs, Senior Care
Fitness & Health – Sports / Fitness, chronic diseases, weight loss
Food & Beverage -> Barbecuing, Coffee / Tea, Baking, Food allergies, Vegan, Vegetarian
Hobbies -> sewing, knitting, crafting, photography, playing guitar, collecting, sci-fi & fantasy, gaming
Home & Garden -> Landscaping, Gardening, Gardening, Interior Design
News -> International,, national, local
Personal Finance -> financial planning, retirement planning, tax planning,…
Society -> marriage, wedding, teens, gay life, ethnics specific
Animals -> Aquariums, Pets, large animals, reptiles, veterinary medicine
Sports (team or competition) -> authors, cycling, soccer, swimming, surfing
Fashion & Style -> Beauty, Clothing, Jewelry, Accessories
Technology & Computing -> animation, cameras, internet technology, unix, windows,..
Travel -> Air Travel, Bed & Breakfast, Europe, Travelling with Kids, National Parks,..

For instance, a fitness blog is in the category “Fitness & Health” (not “Sport”, because it is more about team sports). While a mom blog that focuses on chronic diseases and vegan diet could fit into three categories: “Moms & Dads”, “Fitness & Health” and “Food & Drink”.

At blogfoster we are aligning our classification to the methodology defined by IAB. See below a preview of our new categories.

Classifying your area of influence within this IAB categories and subcategories is the building block to monetize your content in the most efficient way. Check other marketing resources in our Influencer Guides section.

Is your category still missing? In which category do you see your blog according to the new scheme of the IAB?



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