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How to Find the Best Traffic Sources for Your Blog

Gute Traffic Quellen für Dein Blog - blogfoster Academy

To start a blog can be a challenge, especially when it comes to increasing your blog traffic. Many team members at blogfoster have blogs themselves, and know how hard it can be to build up a successful blog and increase traffic by using different sources. Therefore, we want to share some of our experiences in this article.

Be involved in the blogosphere to get more valuable blog traffic

Facebook Groups, where people with similar interests get together, is an awesome opportunity to share your blog content. You should look for groups that deal with the topics you are writing about, or join groups about blogging to exchange and connect with other bloggers. In these groups, you will also have the opportunity to find bloggers for collaborations and guest posts.

You should still be aware of the rules of these different groups. Some will allow you to share and promote your content, whereas others only allow you to share experiences or discuss topics regarding blogging.

Commenting on other blogger’s posts is also a great way to connect with other bloggers and increase your traffic. You should try to write meaningful comments that stand out to gather attention from other potential new readers.

Platform sharing

The most common platform for bloggers is bloglovin. You can use it via the website as well as with an app to connect with other bloggers and keep track of published content. If you subscribe to the newsletter, you will get updates on new content on a regular basis. If you become more active on the platform yourself, bloglovin can serve as a good traffic source for you.

Pinterest is where it’s at when it comes to traffic sources

Pinterest has great potential when it comes to visual content such as images, infographics, and photos. The good thing about Pinterest is that the images will be visible for longer than they would be on Instagram or Facebook. Especially (but not only) topics like food or DIY are very popular and very likely to go viral on Pinterest. Vertical images are more likely to be repinned.

Optimise your content and sharing on Social Media

We have already talked about the importance of SEO. If you stick to those tips, and maybe use a SEO plugin like Yoast, the first step towards a better ranking is already done.

Pay attention to consistency. The uniqueness of your content is important but posting on a regular basis is just as crucial. Try it out and write more posts per week. You will notice the difference if you share content daily on social media using the matching keywords.

When sharing your content on social media, you should also consider when is the perfect time to share your post. You can play around a bit with your posting time on the different social media channels. In the analytics section of different channels, you will find some statistics about what times in the day your followers are most active.

If you have tried all the tips above, you might also want to go for some paid traffic. You can promote your posts via Facebook, or for example Outbrain. By spending only a few pounds per day, you can increase your visibility and reach.

Since the blogosphere is constantly developing, there are new platforms and channels coming up almost every day. You will need to forge your own path to see what works best for you, your blog, and your audience. It is always a good idea to try different things, even if just for a short while.

What are your preferred ways to promote your content?



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    Traffic ist irgendwie immer das Hauptproblem egal auf welcher Seite. Ich habe dazu einen Guide geschrieben um reichlich Quellen in Anspruch zu nehmen. Zu finden auf meinem Blog, wer mal vorbei schauen möchte.

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