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blogfoster @ IFA2017 – blogfoster Influencer Walk & Academy Day #2

At this year’s IFA, the world’s biggest technology trade show, blogfoster was not only present as a tech company to pave the way for the influencer marketing of the future, but we also invited influencers to connect with brands in the analogue world.

blogfoster Influencer Walk @IFA 2017

The exclusive influencer walk at IFA 2017, with 14 accredited Influencers took off to relevant booths of selected brands, where the influencers got in touch with new products and innovations.

The influencer walk gave brands as well as influencers the opportunity to get to meet, connect and network.

The first stop on the influencer walk was Garmin, where the influencers were shown the latest wearable fitness technologies. Afterwards the group made their way to KD Germany who presented their gesture controlled drone initially for children, that also awoke the inner child in the influencers.

The third stop of the influencer walk was DeLonghi. Besides delicious coffee variations, the luxurious kitchen appliances caught the food blogger’s attention.

Playbrush’s booth was the last stop of the walk. Playbrush revolutionises the morning and evening routine of parents and their kids. An app that guides the little ones through the process of brushing their teeth by turning it into an engaging game.

blogfoster Academy Day #2 @IFA 2017

After the influencer walk, influencers had the chance to get together and improve their knowledge about the influencer and blogging industry.

28 bloggers and influencers came together to hear talks about email marketing, SEO and collaborations.

The first talk of the workshop was held by Hauke who runs the food blog www.hurrythefoodup.com. He shared his experiences and provided helpful tips on how to conduct successful email marketing campaigns.

The next topic of the workshop was SEO. Jessika from blogfoster gave insights into best practice at blogfoster and her own experience as a blogger.

The final session at the blogfoster Academy Day was about how to realise collaborations with brands. Simon, co-founder of blogfoster, illustrated how campaigns with blogfoster work and how to make them successful.

Over snacks and drinks, everyone had the chance to socialise and get to know other the other bloggers and influencers. This networking opportunity and ability to meet brands face-to-face is always a great part of influencer events.



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