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Install blogfoster Insights for Blogger

In order gather anonymous data from your blog visitors, first you need to integrate blogfoster Insights for your Blogger.com blog. This will let us find the most appropriate sponsored post campaigns for your blog. Integrating blogfoster Insights gives you a comprehensive dashboard full of actionable data which will enable you to improve your influencer activity.

Follow the steps below to successfully install the snippet in your Blogger.com account:

1. Open your blogfoster account and copy the code shown on the starting page.

2. Log into your blogger.com account, choose your blog and select the “Template” option from the dropdown menu

3. Click the “Edit HTML” button which can be found underneath your main blog template.

4. Search for the <body> tag and add a new line in the code. Paste in your blogfoster code and then select “Save theme”.

5. Finally, return to your blog. You can now go back to your blogfoster account and select the “Check the Integration” option.

Please embed this code into your page to inform your readers of the technologies used.