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Install blogfoster Insights for tumblr

The integration of blogfoster Insights for tumblr is an essential step to allow the platform gather data from your blog visitors and apply to advertisers campaigns. With Insights, blogfoster can offer the most appropriate sponsored posting opportunities, and to monitor the performance of the campaigns. blogfoster Insights is always displayed on your account, showing a complete dashboard to help you improve your influencer activity.

1. Login in your blogfoster account and copy the snippet code displayed on your blogfoster starting page

blogfoster Insights for tumblr 1 - blogfoster Academy

2. Log into your tumblr dashboard and click the “Account” option at the right top of the page (person icon). Then select your blog and click on “Edit Appearance”

blogfoster Insights for tumblr 2 - blogfoster Academy

3. Click on “Edit Theme” in the “Website Theme” option

blogfoster Insights for tumblr 3 - blogfoster Academy

4. In the new screen click on “Edit HTML”

blogfoster Insights for tumblr 4 - blogfoster Academy

5. You should paste the Insights code into the tag. The fastest way is to search for the tag and paste the code before this tag

blogfoster Insights for tumblr 5 - blogfoster Academy

6. Then click on “Update Preview” and then on the “Save” button

blogfoster Insights for tumblr 6 - blogfoster Academy

7. Finally, you can log in your blogfoster account and check if the Insights integration is working properly


blogfoster Insights will not affect your blog speed, look and feel, or user experience. blogfoster is not collecting any private data from your users and visitors.

Please embed this code into your page to inform your readers of the technologies used.

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Any questions? Reach us through academy@blogfoster.com and we will get back to you.