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Install blogfoster Insights for Wix

Follow this guide to effectively install blogfoster Insights in your Wix blog and start gathering actionable data to empower the impact on your audience.

This integration allows the platform to anonymously gather data from your Wix blog visitors with the aim to identify the most appropriate sponsored posting opportunities, and to monitor the performance of the campaigns. blogfoster Insights will also offers a comprehensive dashboard with actionable data to help you improve your post activity.

The process to install the code is easy and direct. See below the steps:

1. Login in your blogfoster account and copy the snippet code displayed on your blogfoster starting page.

blogfoster Insights for Wix 1 - blogfoster Academy

2. Login in your Wix account and click on the “Manage site” button that is displayed on top of the left sidebar.

blogfoster Insights for Wix 2 - blogfoster Academy

3. Then, click on the “Edit Site” button

blogfoster Insights for Wix 3 - blogfoster Academy

4. Click the “Add” option on the left side of the Editor and click “More” (last option). Select the “HTML Code” option and directly drag it to the bottom of your blog page. Do not worry: Nothing will be displayed on your front-end.

blogfoster Insights for Wix 4 - blogfoster Academy

5. Click “Enter Code” and paste the code from your blogfoster account. Then click on “Update”.

blogfoster Insights for Wix 5 - blogfoster Academy

6. Open your blog in the browser and the plug-in should then successfully installed. To double check, go back to your blogfoster account and test the configuration.

blogfoster Insights for Wix 6 - blogfoster Academy

blogfoster Insights will start collecting anonym data from your visitors and display it in your dashboard.

The blogfoster snippet will not affect your blog speed, look and feel, or user experience. blogfoster is not collecting any private data from your users and visitors.

Please embed this code into your page to inform your readers of the technologies used.



Any questions? Reach us through academy@blogfoster.com and we will get back to you.