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Install blogfoster Insights Plugin for WordPress

This integration of blogfoster Insights Plugin for WordPress allows the platform to anonymously know the number of readers, offers suggestions for the most appropriate sponsored posting opportunities, and to monitor the performance of the campaigns. Once installed, your dashboard will show you actionable data to empower the impact on your audience.

The process to install the snippet is quite easy and straightforward. Just follow the steps below:

1. Go to your WordPress dashboard to install blogfoster Insights plugin.

blogfoster Insights for WordPress 0 - blogfoster Academy

2. In the “Plugins” menu, check for “Add New” and search for the “blogfoster” plugin using the search box.

blogfoster Insights for WordPress 2 - blogfoster Academy

3. Once you have found the plugin, click on “Install Now”

blogfoster Insights for WordPress 3 - blogfoster Academy

4. WordPress will download and install the plugin. In a few seconds it will show you a message when the process is done. Once is installed, you have to initiate the plugin. For that you should click the option “Activate Plugin”

blogfoster Insights for WordPress 4 - blogfoster Academy

5. Once the plugin has been activated, click on the “Settings” link.

blogfoster Insights for WordPress 5 - blogfoster Academy

6. You should enter the web page ID in the field shown in your account (see also step 1). Once you are done, click on “Apply changes”.

blogfoster Insights for WordPress 6 - blogfoster Academy

7. Now go to your blog in your browser and the plugin is then successfully installed. Finally, you can check wherever the Insights Installation is running successfully. For that, you should go to your blogfoster account and click on “Check Insights Integration” button.

blogfoster Insights for WordPresscom 5 - blogfoster Academy

blogfoster Insights will start gathering anonym data from your visitors and display it in your dashboard. The snippet is invisible, and will not affect your blog speed, look and feel, or user experience. Blogfoster is not collecting any private data from your users and visitors.

Please embed this code into your page to inform your readers of the technologies used.

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