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How to Make Money from Blogging and Social Media

Make money blogging - So kannst Du mit Deinem Blog ganz einfach Geld verdienen

Are you running a growing blog or social media channel like Instagram, Facebook or Youtube? Do you put a lot of passion and effort into maintaining your high quality content? You should be rewarded for your efforts and great work! In this article, we will show you how to make money from blogging and your social media profiles such as Instagram. Monetising your blog and social media channels is easier than you think.

Make money blogging: How do bloggers make money?

If you run a blog with a growing audience, you should use this opportunity to make money from your blog. There are many different options that allow you to make money from blogging. Bloggers from different categories such as a food blog, family and parenting blog or travel blog have different needs.

For some bloggers, an affiliate program might do the job. However, what works great for a fashion and style blog might not work for a beauty blog. The income gained through affiliate programs or banners is not predictable and therefore, you will never know how much to expect at the end of the month.

The best option to make money from your blog is sponsored posts. You will have full control over the content that you publish so you won’t lose your credibility with your readers at any time. Additionally, you can 100% decide which sponsored post campaigns you want to apply for and make sure that a post adds value to your blog and is relevant to your readers.

blogfoster landed in UK this January and offers a lot of great sponsored posts for UK bloggers. When doing sponsored posts with blogfoster, you will get a very specific briefing beforehand to make sure that both sides (bloggers and advertisers) know what to expect without any surprises. We will never ask you to use do-follow links for paid content and sponsored posts will always be marked as such.

Speaking about payment, with blogfoster you don’t need to worry about accounting or having to send out invoices. We will take of that for you and make sure that you receive your payment in time.

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How to make money with social media advertising

For your social media profiles, there are many options to make money from Instagram, Facebook or Youtube. We believe that social media has a high potential when it comes to engagement with your followers.

One option to make money is promoting your sponsored blog content (if you have a blog). But even if you don’t have a blog, there are lots of advertisers out there who would like to promote their great products in an authentic way on social media. We will launch sponsored posts for social media such as Instagram, Facebook, Twitter or Youtube very soon.

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How much money do influencers and bloggers make?

We at blogfoster know how much work it is to build up a blog and a community. Therefore, it is very important to us that our bloggers get a fair rate for sponsored posts. At blogfoster, you can see the rates for sponsored posts before applying to a campaign.

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