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Meet the Speaker: Nina and Patrick from fashiioncarpet.com


When Nina wrote her first blog post back in 2012 the term influencer marketing didn’t even exist. Four years later, after several positions in media, she and co-founder Patrick founded Fashiioncarpet and decided to make a business out her blog. At CEBIT!signals, Nina and Patrick will talk about the development of their business and the challenges they are facing as content creators in the industry. We had the chance to interview them about trends and challenges they see in the influencer marketing industry at the moment.

What was the last brand collaboration you did and what motivated you to do the collaboration?

Patrick: The last collaboration we did was a campaign shooting for the new Michael Kors SS18 collection. The client fits to Nina and her style. What we liked about the collaboration is that the package was very versatile, including a shooting, a blogpost, Instagram post, event, meet & greet etc. We had total freedom in terms of shooting and creative concept, which is a big plus.

What is your blogs’ biggest challenge regarding influencer marketing right now?

Patrick: The biggest challenge for us is to make brands understand the value and the benefit of a blog and blog post.

Are you confronted by people’s preconceptions about influencers in your daily work? How do you react to those comments?

Patrick: Sometimes we are. If so we try to make people understand our work by explaining our daily business and tasks. For example, when people say blogging is not a job, we try to compare our job with a publishing house where you have different jobs like editors, marketing department, finance, legal department, productions. We do all of this as a two-man business

What are three changes you would like to see happen in the Influencer Marketing Industry in 2018?

Patrick: Firstly, quality instead of quantity. Secondly, more long term partnerships and thirdly, more creative freedom and trust in the content creation.

Learn more about Ninas’ and Patricks Journey and join their keynote at CEBIT!signals – the conference for influencers, creators and brands at CEBIT on Friday, 15.06.2018.!


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