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Meet the Presenter: Tijen Onaran

Meet the Presenter: Tijen Onaran
Meet the Presenter: Tijen Onaran

Presenter Tijen Onaran is a real digital multi-talent and knows a lot about networking, visibility, branding and influencer marketing! No wonder, the young power woman was already a candidate for the Liberals at the age of 20, writes regular columns and guest articles about digital communication for trade journals and is also the founder and chairwoman of the “Global Digital Women” network, which aims to strengthen women in the digital economy.

Sounds fascinating? We think so too! Just like the clever answers she gave us in the CEBIT!signals interview:

With 5K Followers on Twitter you have gained a certain reach for yourself. Would you call yourself an influencer?

Tijen: I think influencer is a term, which others give you. I would call myself an entrepreneur with a passion for networking, visibility and digital topics.

In an article for WELT, you once wrote that networking is a necessary condition for digitization. In your opinion, what contribution do social networks and influencer marketing make in this context?

Tijen: Networking is based on communication, connection and community. Three elements which are also relevant for a successful digital transformation. Social networks and good influencer marketing are key to sharing the values and goals of companies – especially when it comes to showing the “story behind the story.” How do companies develop new projects? What are their challenges and how do they manage them? Digital Transformation is a complex process, which every company is challenged by. What could be better than to connect with others and share experiences?

Influencers present themselves and their lives on a daily basis in social networks – what can companies learn from this personal presence on the Internet? How can people in management positions become corporate influencers?

Tijen: People shape companies! The personal presence on the Internet is the most effective way to share how this shaping works. People want to learn from others. They want to take part in their knowledge, values and experiences. The personal presence on the Internet is the most effective way to visually share all this.

For people in management positions it can be helpful to think first about the story that they want to convey. They have to ask themselves: what are my messages? What do I want to share and what don’t I? The next step would be to think about using the right digital channels for their messages; every digital channel has a different target group.

What opportunities or threats arise especially for women through these new forms of marketing?

Tijen: Women can gain more visibility for their work through the use of social media. They can show their efforts, in what field they are an expert,and connect with other experts from other companies. The social networks can be a tool for independency of women.

What are three changes you would like to see happen in the Influencer Marketing Industry in 2018?

Tijen: The first change is that we see more and more “micro-influencer”. People who have not millions of followers, but millions of content and experiences to share. I think these “micro-influencers” are the most important partners for companies. Because they are experts in very special fields and can push topics from companies in their own networks.

This brings me to the second change: we see more and more “corporate influencer” – people who represent their topics not only internally but especially externally through social media. These corporate influencers are the most important talents for companies, especially in terms of digitalization and new work.

Last but not least, we see more and more the value of being transparent in the context of Influencer Marketing Industry; whether it’s an influencer or a company that wants to cooperate with influencers – the need for transparency is going to be the base of effective cooperation between influencers and companies.

What should influencers themselves do to prepare for the future of the industry?

Tijen: For me a good influencer is someone who generates valuable content and empowers others to do the same, whether in internal structures or on the Internet. For me, the future skills of influencers are: the way you speak about your content and work and the ability to tell a compelling story. Moreover, the capacity to connect with others through networking and the ability to inspire play an important role!

We are looking forward to further interesting and promising discussions with Tijen Onaran on the CEBIT!signals stage – especially because then it will be her turn to ask critical questions to our speakers and experts.

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