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What’s your motivation to blog?

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Blogging can be a really fun thing to do. It gives you can outlet to express yourself, share your interests and talk about the things you love. But it can be hard to maintain the enthusiasm you had when you started blogging. Life gets in the way and your motivation to blog can diminish. So what do the most popular bloggers do to keep their motivation? We’ve put together some ideas to help you to get inspired and keep blogging.

For the Love of Blogging

The first thing you should ask yourself is, why did I start blogging? And, do I still love what I am writing about? It’s natural for a blog to evolve over time. But maybe that’s left you uncertain about the direction it’s going in and where you want to take it next. It’s important to check-in with yourself and see whether you are still writing about things that interest you. If you feel that you want to start taking the blog in a different direction, you can:

  • Find your passion (again): What makes you wake up in the morning and want to start writing? Write even if you can’t yet see where it will fit into your blog.
  • Create a new niche: Unless you went from a beauty blogger to automotive expert, it’s likely that your new interests will fit alongside your older content. So just define a new topic or niche and get posting
  • Ask your readers: If you are thinking of taking your blog in a new or changed direction, ask your readers what they think and what the want to see. This can help give you some direction and invaluable feedback. If you’re passionate about a topic, your readers will see that and appreciate it.

Blogging as a Hobby or a Job

There is a big difference between blogging as a hobby and blogging as a job and this can effect your motivation to blog.

If blogging is a hobby for you, you are probably motivated by your passion and interest in a particular topic. If blogging is your hobby, it’s important to remember that blogging should be fun! Blog posts can be creative and experimental and a great way to express your opinion and publish your writing. If you feel that your motivation to blog is waning, you could try to:

  • Experiment:Why not try to create new types of content. You could ask your audience what they would like to read next and use this as starting point or  invite another blogger to write a guest post. The options are endless if you think outside of the box.
  • Use tools to make it easier: And if you’re starting to feel bogged down by tasks, there are plenty of tools and apps you can use to make it easier!

If blogging is your career, this can have a big impact on your motivation to blog. When it is a key source of income it’s important that you enjoy what you’re doing and that your audience remains engaged. Balancing the two can seem like a challenge. There are a few things you can do to keep motivated:

  • Get more involved in the blogosphere: connecting with other bloggers, sharing ideas and maybe writing a guest post or two can be a great way to rediscover your motivation to blog. Start by looking for Facebook groups that you can join.
  • Get a blogging buddy: Other bloggers also experience periods of decreased motivation, so why not pair up with another blogger in your field and keep each other motivated.
  • Get inspired: Sometime coming up with fresh ideas can be tricky. See what other bloggers that you admire have been writing about and uses this as inspiration.
  • Get paid: Perhaps you’re looking for new revenue streams. Brand collaborations and sponsored posts are a great way to do this. When you join blogfoster, opportunities with exciting new brands are available for you to apply to.

Boost your Engagement

Social recognition as a blogger is not a must, but it is nice to have. Receiving good reviews and support from your audience is a big motivation to keep blogging. But if you feel that your efforts aren’t having the desired impact e.g. people are not reading your posts, your traffic is not growing, or you receive negative comments, this can feel disheartening. You can tackle this by:

  • Engage with your audience in new ways: try adding a more personal touch to your replies or connecting with them more on social media
  • Targeted content: Analyse what your audience enjoy reading the most and try and write content that fits with their interests more
  • Social media: Use social media more to push your content out. For example, post your photo-led stories to Instagram (try using a great flatlay for that Insta-ready photo) and use Pinterest for content that is evergreen.

Take a Break

If you feel like you’ve tried everything yet still can’t find the motivation to blog, perhaps it’s time to take a break. Your blog is a tool to express yourself, have good time and meet people. You will have built a certain level of commitment with your audience, and you could feel guilty if you stop posting for a while. But remember to ask yourself why you’re blogging. If you’re not sure at the moment then take a break, recharge batteries, and get some fresh ideas. When you are ready to go back your readers will be happy to see you with fresh new content and energy!

Have you ever felt demotivated when blogging? What are some of the tricks you used to get your motivation back? Share them in the comments. You can always find more advice and tips in our Influencer Guide.



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