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Writer’s Block – How to Overcome and Avoid it


Everyone of us knows what it’s like to sit in front of an empty page without knowing what to write or have absolutely no ideas for a good topic for a new blogpost. Some people get into this situation more often than others, but it is something that everyone struggles with. In this article, we have gathered tips and tricks on how to avoid and conquer writer’s block.

What type of writer are you?

First of all, it is advised to find out type of writer you are to find the best way to conquer  writer’s block.

In this overview you’ll find the different types of writers. Try to evaluate how you normally approach a writing task and if your are more of a planner type, who has a concept before starting to write, or are you the spontaneous type, who has to write everything down that comes to mind.

Once you’ve figured out what kind of writer you are, you should evaluate at what stage in your writing process you experience writer’s block in order to avoid it.

Find the reason of writer’s block to overcome it

If you have some background knowledge about how your workflow normally is when it comes to writing, this will help you to find out where you are most likely to get stuck. Based on this, you can try to find strategies to overcome writer’s block. In most cases, it is a good idea to take one step back. If you are a more spontaneous writer and you get stuck, you should have a look into your intention and the topic. Try to think about new dimensions and parts of the topic you will definitely be able to write about.

If you are more of a planner when it comes to writing, with writer’s block you should take a closer look at your notes and plans. Figure out if you really know what was meant by the different steps and how you might want to restructure it. Otherwise, try to rephrase single parts of your structure.

Take small steps

Sometimes if you are working on a bigger project you see the big picture instead of the single steps. A good tactic here is to just start something new for 15 minutes, as this is a time frame that everyone can handle. Sometimes you just to have to get started with things!

Before starting with the actual text, it can be helpful to write down what comes into your mind. A mind map can also be helpful to get your thoughts sorted and build up a net of relevant topics – this is also a great strategy as the brain works in a network structure.

Have a break

Sometimes you cannot force it. Allow your brain some down time to make new connections and find new solutions.

The writing situation and surrounding

Besides the content of your text, your surroundings play a big role. Do you prefer a quiet ambience or do you get inspired when sitting in a café with other people? Try to find out what surroundings help you to be productive. When you feel writer’s block coming on, try another place like the library or a park to find out where you can write the best.

Everyone can get into the situation of writer’s block and there are many strategies to conquer and avoid them. As with the writing process itself, writer’s block is different for everyone of us. If you struggle with writer’s block more often, you should try to find patterns and avoid them with a strategy that works for you.

What are your tips to avoid and conquer writer’s block?



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