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How to Use Pinterest Group Boards to Get More Traffic on Your Blog

Pinterest group boards

Pinterest is becoming more and more relevant to bloggers and influencers. The search engine for images is becoming a true traffic engine for blogs. We have already given you 10 Tips on How to Get More Success on Pinterest. The next important tool for a successful Pinterest profile is group boards.

In this article, we show you what group boards are, how to find them and how to use Pinterest group boards to get more traffic to your blog.

What is a Pinterest group board?

Generally, there are three different types of pinboards on Pinterest:

  • Normal boards
  • Secret boards
  • Group boards

A group board works like a normal or secret board. The only difference is you don’t pin alone, because on group boards, multiple users share their own or foreign pins.

Creating your own group board is easy: You can convert any board into a group board. To do this, you only have to open a board and click on the grey plus button. Now you can invite other Pinterest users to join your wall and pin. Alternatively, you can select the desired board, click on edit and then enter other Pinterest users in the ‘Contributors’ field.

The advantage of group boards

Group boards are the perfect tool to boost your success on Pinterest, even with a small number of followers. Why? Because group boards have a decisive advantage over normal boards: a higher reach. If you pin your own content on a group board with 1,000 followers, your pin will appear in 1,000 feeds, even if you have a lot less followers. With the increased reach, this could increase the number of interactions and followers you get.

Of course, networking also is a great advantage: since most Pinterest group boards are designed very specifically, it is very easy to find profiles and blogs in your own niche.

How to find other group boards on Pinterest

Finding other group boards on Pinterest is a bit more difficult than creating one. There is no button or a search function, with which you can search explicitly for group boards. Instead you can try these options:

  • Direct search on Pinterest: Enter ‘group board’ in the search bar and add another keyword like: ‘group board bloggers’. The results are rare usually, but if the board owners put these words in the board title or the description, you can get lucky sometimes.
  • Platform Pingroupie: Pingroupie is a search platform for Pinterest group boards.
  • BoardBooster: The tool is a great scheduling tool for bloggers. It helps you to pin regularly and also has a free search function for group boards.
  • Other bloggers: Lastly, you will also find some lists, which were compiled by bloggers and contain a lot of group boards: Beautiful Dawn and Nialogique.

In order to participate in a group board, an invitation from the board owner or a member is necessary. In general, you will find all the information about joining in the board description. In most cases, an e-mail or a message to the board owner is a good way to do this. The ideal message should contain the following information:

  • Board name
  • Link to your own Pinterest profile
  • Topics of your own profile/blog
  • Optional: The e-mail address used for the registration on Pinterest

The more information you give, the more likely a group invitation is, because nobody wants to search for users for long!

How to behave on Pinterest group boards

Most board owners state in the board description, how they imagine the coexistence within the group board. Take note of any rules or guidelines, otherwise you risk being removed from the group. The following rules are often used:

  • Pin not only your own content, but also repin others
  • Pin only matching content
  • Spread your pins and do not flood the board with your content
  • Avoid duplicate content

It’s actually quite easy, right? Always remember, that a group board is all about the community and your success is much bigger, if you also repin other posts.

Are you already using group boards? Tell us your favourite group board in the comments or link your own!


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