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5 Tips on how to Run a Successful Food Blog

How to run a successful food blog

Based on the IAB Categories, one of the most popular topics to blog about is Food & Drink (13,62%). That doesn’t come as a surprise, as Food & Drink is a topic that interests a lot of people (not only in the UK) – it is part of everyone’s culture! To run a successful food blog, and especially if you want to make money with your blog, there are a few things you should keep in mind to make your blog successful.

1. Running a Successful Food Blog: Blog Structure

Structure your blog in a way so that the readers can find what they are looking for. This is especially important for successful food blogs, as readers will look for certain recipes, or are only interested in specific types of food or ingredients. Make sure to structure your food blog with a recipe index, and use tags for special occasions or ingredients. The categories are also very important. Think about what would help the reader to find the recipe they are looking for. You can also consider categories that are different from others, such as signature dishes of your own creation.

2. Design and Images

A clean design and great food pictures are crucial for a food blog’s success. Pinterest is a great place to get some inspiration and tips. Besides the arrangement of the food, fresh ingredients and simple step-by-step instructions will make a successful food blog. The “simple sweet life” has great ideas regarding food photography in her blogpost.

3. Unique Content

Writing unique content and finding your USP or niche (veggie recipes, great desserts, etc.) will help to differentiate your food blog from others. The content should be special and of course, your recipes should not only look delicious in the photos, but should taste great too. Creating your very own recipes will support your individuality from other food bloggers.

4. Share your Content on Social Media

Content is the core of your blog which makes it extremely important. But it is also very important that your great content will be seen by others! Next to your own social media channels, you should make it easy for you readers to share your content by implementing social media sharing buttons underneath every post. Instagram and Pinterest are the most important social media channels when it comes to food blogs. They can help you to build your own community, and Pinterest especially can increase your blog traffic significantly. Being active on social media can increase your reach and make your food blog successful.

5. Connect with other Food Bloggers and Share the Success

Making friends with other bloggers is a great opportunity to share experiences and also support each other. Blogger events are one option to find other bloggers to connect with. Additionally, Facebook groups offer the opportunity to make new blogging friends and spread your recipes/articles. Be active on social media to build up and be a part of a community. To gather attention, you can also comment on bigger blogger’s posts. Comments should be meaningful, so do more than just write a short sentence or use emojis.

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