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How to Create a Social Media Strategy for Your Blog + Free Template

A blog without social media channels is almost unimaginable. Facebook, Instagram & co. are not just platforms on which things can be shared, for bloggers, they are an extension beyond the boundaries of their own blogs. We have already highlighted which social media channels are particularly worthwhile for bloggers – today we will tell you how to plan your social media activities optimally and why having a social media strategy is so important in the first place.

This free, printable social media editorial plan can be used to create your social media strategy, ready to test out!

Why do you need a social media strategy?

The range of social media channels available is vast. As a blogger, you are not only faced with the task of selecting the right channels for you, but you also have to regularly update them with valuable content that keeps your followers engaged. With multiple channels, this can become a real challenge as a blogger. That is why it is important that you determine which are the best channels for you, how often you should post and at which times.

3 simple steps to creating a great social media strategy

First, it’s important to realise that there is no perfect social media strategy. It is your unique perspective that has helped you to establish your personal brand and that’s the reason your audience follows you. Every blog, every social media channel and every person is different and that means you have to find out what works well for you and what does not.

But there are a few steps that all bloggers can follow to create a successful social media strategy:

Pick only relevant social media channels

To start with, you should consider what social media channels you really need for your blog. Keep in mind that more channels does not necessarily equal more success, because social media lives by presence and continuity. This means that two channels which are being used often can be much more valuable than five channels, which are sporadically filled with content.

Choose a goal that you want to achieve for each channel

If you have decided which social media channels you want to use on a regular basis, you should consider what you want to achieve with them. Important: Ensure that your goals are measurable, e.g. “I want to reach 100 new followers over the next month”, or “I will publish 5 images or postings per channel, per week”. This will help you to track your progress and establish which postings, channels and times works best for you.

Create content that helps you reach your goals

Now it’s up to you: Think about how you want to achieve the goals you have set for yourself. It’s important to think about how frequently and at what times you post, but above all, what you post is the most essential to your success. A helpful way to fill your social media channels is by creating regular formats. For example, decide that you will show your favorite DIY every Monday or promote a blog post once a week. By creating a schedule for regular posts, you will easily find content that fits your niche and it helps you to structure your social media content.

Three bonus tips

  1. Testing is the magic word. There is neither a secret recipe for the perfect picture nor for the optimal time to post. Try it out and try to find the perfect day or time for your postings.
  2. There are always times when you do not know what to post. At these times, it is advisable to create a set of evergreen, on-brand images that can be posted at any time, regardless of the content. This takes away the stress, if you run out of ideas for postings (which happens to every blogger at some point).
  3. There are a number of planning tools for social media channels that you can use to help make things easier for you. Tools such as Hootsuite and CoSchedule are very popular not only for bloggers, but also for companies that rely on a social media strategy.

To help you to implement all of this advice and create a personalised social media strategy, we have a free template for you – a social media plan for your blog. You can use our social media plan in two ways:

  • As a general overview of the planned formats and content on the various social media channels; or
  • As a detailed plan for the content of your postings that you can edit and update week by week.

Just fill in the form below and you will receive your free template for a Social Media Plan by e-mail:



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