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Sponsored Post Rates: What Should Influencers Charge?

Sponsored Post Rates

If you are starting out with brand collaborations, determining sponsored post rates can be tricky. What is a fair sponsored price? What factors should be taken into consideration when deciding? How much do other digital influencers charge?

We’ve answered some of these big questions for you.

What are Sponsored Posts?

To begin, it’s good to have a clear idea of what is considered a sponsored post and what isn’t. For example, if you use a brand regularly and decide to feature them in your content, this doesn’t qualify as sponsored content. However, if a brand provides you with a reward (e.g. a product) in return for a (often favourable) review or mention in your content, then you are in the land of brand collaborations and sponsored posts.

Digital influencers are increasingly being paid to produce content on behalf of brands, which encourages their audience to buy a product. Also known as influencer marketing, this is the new advertising, and it’s a great way for influencers to monetise their hard-earned digital channels.

Getting Started

Before you start to think about how much to charge for a sponsored post, you need to consider your niche, interests and the ratio of sponsored to non-sponsored content you want to publish.

The key to a successful sponsored post is to make it fit as naturally into your blog as possible. For instance, if you are a health and fitness blogger, collaborating with a fast food chain probably wouldn’t work for your audience. Remember, your audience should come first. They are engaging with you because they find your niche intriguing. If you start creating inauthentic content to get sponsored, you risk losing their interest.

Ensure that the content reflects your interests, is balanced with non-sponsored content and that you’re upfront with your audience about whether the content has been sponsored or not. This doesn’t have to be scary. If you take collaborations that enhance your channels, this could really resonate with your audience.

How Do I Calculate My Sponsored Post Rate?

Digital influencers are naturally hesitant to reveal how much they get paid per post. Sponsored post rates vary depending on several factors. Channel, size of your audience, your niche and whether you are a full-time or hobby blogger can all impact how much you want to charge for sponsored content.

But this lack of transparency doesn’t mean that you have to go into negotiations blind. There are a number of important things to take on board when deciding your sponsored post rates:

1) Recognise the time and effort that has gone into your sponsored post

“Time is money” is often used in business. The same applies to digital influencers. The effort you put in to your sponsored post should be reflected in the payment. This does not only include the time and effort spent creating the post. This can also include photography, video and editing, dependent on what was involved in creating the content.

A good way to charge based on this criteria could be to work out what is a fair hourly rate for you. Then you can keep track of the time you spent on the sponsored post and using this, calculate your base rate!

2) What makes you unique?

Always consider your personal value to the brand. If you have a good niche and an engaged audience, then this should also be considered in your sponsored post rates. Admittedly, this is a lot harder to put a number. But a good way to approach this is to understand your audience, their demographics and their spending habits. Once you have a good idea of that, you can start to attribute value to your audience and your channel. To help you find your blog niche, take a look at our short guide.

Bonus Tip: This is also super helpful information when pitching to brands. It shows your knowledge of your audience and helps you to illustrate how your blog will help them reach a targeted audience.

3) Determine which channel is best for sponsored content

Ensuring you are using the right digital channels is essential to getting a brand collaboration right. The different channels also command a different rate. Instagram can take less time to create content than a blog but can reach a bigger audience. Think about this when deciding what a fair sponsored post rate is for you. Similarly, the life of a post on Instagram or Snapchat is a lot shorter than a blog or YouTube. It’s important to work out which channels you will use more and factor this into your rate.

4) What impact can you deliver?

Possibly the most important thing that brands want to achieve with sponsored post campaigns is impact. Whether it’s reach, engagement, brand awareness, or a myriad of other goals, illustrating what you can deliver will have a direct impact on how much you can charge. A large readership or 500K followers on Instagram aren’t what brands focus on. Being able to demonstrate your audience’s engagement or the click-through rate you can give a brand is a great way to show your value.

At blogfoster, we know that approaching brands and determining a fair rate and demonstrating success can be distracting for digital influencers that want to focus on creating great content. That’s why we:

  • Only bring you collaborations that match your profile
  • Gather essential data from your digital channels to determine the best rate for you
  • Communicate with you and the brand to ensure everyone is happy
  • Support you with authentic content creation
  • Take care of all the admin including payment and give you an invoice at the end of each month

We make sponsored posts campaigns as simple as possible, so you can focus on creating content that you love, while getting paid to collaborate with exciting brands.

Interested in joining our community of influencers? You can sign up here.