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Sponsored Posts at blogfoster

Sponsored Posts are one of the most popular ways to earn money as an influencer. But this comes with challenges. Usually it is not easy to reach the brand you would like to collaborate with. Sometimes the creative and publishing process can be complicated, with endless reviews, changes and potential content that doesn’t feel authentic to your blog. In this post we show you how joining blogfoster can make collaborating with exciting brands simple, fun and rewarding!

How does blogfoster work?

At blogfoster we use a step-by-step process that helps you to find collaboration opportunities and successfully run sponsored post campaigns. Our five step process has been designed with you in mind:

1. Selection

Sign up to blogfoster, create an account, and connect your channels. If you have a blog, don’t forget to install Insights (we’ve got tutorials to help you get setup). Once complete, you can start choose the campaigns that suit you from amongst our sponsored post opportunities.

2. Application

If you’ve found a campaign that you’re interested in applying to, read the requirements outlined by the brand and decide whether it’s a good fit. If you are happy with the criteria, then the next step is to write a compelling pitch telling us why you are a great fit for the collaboration. The status of your application can be viewed at any time under “My Campaigns”.

3. Briefing

The briefing will detail all of the steps involved in creating content for this sponsored post. This will cover everything from whether you will be receiving a sample product, the ideal length of the content, as well as when the post should be published and on what channels it should be shared.

4. Release and publication

After your post is submitted, you will need to send us an HTML preview. Our team then checks whether your post meets the requirements of the brand collaboration outlined in the brief. You can send links to the social media posts via e-mail. Spelling mistakes or stylistic revisions are discussed with you. Our communication is transparent and our campaign team are there to support you throughout.

5. Your reward

If your post is approved and successfully posted, then your account will be credited in the same month. The transfer takes place 30 days later. You can check your monthly earnings at any time from the sponsored posts under the “Revenue” tab of the platform.

The benefits of working with blogfoster:

  • We have already found the right brand collaboration partners for you. You don’t need to waste time cold calling them to find opportunities. Just sign in and choose who you want to work with!
  • No messy process with unclear steps. At blogfoster we manage the whole process with clear steps and lots of support.
  • We help you to apply industry standards and best practices such as the mandatory labeling of contributions as advertising or the use of no-follow attributes.
  • No need to manage your invoices or handle the billing process on your own. With blogfoster, you have a secure payment process, that is automated, transparent, and simple.

Create your account today and join our community of bloggers and influencers!



Any questions? Reach us through academy@blogfoster.com and we will get back to you.