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blogfoster UK has Landed in London

When you think of German export goods it’s not only about cars and beer, there are some great software products developed in Germany as well. Following this principle, blogfoster is keen to expand to the European market. The first and most important step was taken two weeks ago in the UK. We...

How to Write the Perfect Pitch

Work in a perfect pitch is the first step to make your application for sponsored post campaigns stand out form the rest. In this post you can learn the Do's and Dont's to create a pitch that will be appealing for advertisers.

What is blogfoster Insights?

blogfoster Insights is the core of our Influencer Marketing Technology. In this post you can learn how it works and why do you need it in order to apply for sponsored post campaigns.

What is a Sponsored Post

Sponsored Post is a good way to earn money with your blog while keeping your audience focus and their user experience. In this post we explain the main treats of Sponsored Posts and how you should valuate whenever they are worthy for you and your readers.



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