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Which Collaboration Partner Fits in My Blog?

Finding the right cooperation partner for your blog is not always easy. In this article we will explain where to focus your effort and what you should consider during the selection to find the best option feasible.

7 Ways to Increase Your Followers on Instagram

Instagram is a rich visual channel to display your thought, and brand are considering it a worthy channel for their campaigns. We have gathered 7 techniques to increase the number of followers that will love to see your creations.

IAB Categories for Blogs

How to categorize a blog has been an undefined area. There are different methodologies and the final classification sometimes is based on a personal approach. In this post you can discover which are the categories defined by IAB that will turn into the industry standards.

What is a Sponsored Post

Sponsored Post is a good way to earn money with your blog while keeping your audience focus and their user experience. In this post we explain the main treats of Sponsored Posts and how you should valuate whenever they are worthy for you and your readers.

Snapchat vs Instagram Stories

The new Instagram Stories collides with Snapchat capabilities. Discover in this post whenever the new Instagram features jeopardize Snapchat positioning and how it will shake the influencers market.