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The New Instagram Algorithm: How to Increase Your Reach on Instagram

Instagram algorithm

What is the Instagram algorithm about?

A lot of Instagram users have been familiar with the problem that their posts on Instagram didn’t get seen by a lot of their followers. To solve this problem, Instagram developed a special algorithm in summer of 2016. Since then, posts are no longer shown chronologically but are ordered by their relevance to the users. The Instagram algorithm is now working similar to the one of Facebook.

In this article, we show you which activities control the algorithm positively and how you can increase your visibility on Instagram.

How does Instagram arrange postings?

There are several criteria which cause Instagram to only show your posts to certain users. The most important criteria is the engagement rate. These following interactions increase your engagement rate:

  • Clicks on your profile
  • Video views
  • Story views
  • Instagram live views
  • Screenshots of your content
  • Comments
  • Tagging friends
  • Number of likes and comments right after publishing a post

Besides that, there are other factors which affect the position of your posts in your follower’s Instagram feed:

  • Business account
  • Completely filled out profile (including a link to your website, email, etc)
  • Use of Instagram Stories and Instagram Live
  • Tagging/mentioning of other users and direct messages
  • Being tagged/mentioned by other users
  • High frequency of being searched by others

Next to the factors that are affecting your position in the Instagram feed positively, there are also factors that can affect your position in a negative way:

  • Repetitive content
  • Texts which contain words like ‘comment’ or ‘like’
  • Too many giveaways

Tips on how to increase your organic reach on Instagram

  • Connect your Facebook account with your Instagram account. This way, Instagram can analyse which users you know in real life and who could be interested in you
  • Fill out your profile completely and create a business account for Instagram. This shows how serious you are about your account and you also have access to the analytics tool of Instagram which includes information about reach and impression of your postings.
  • Follow bloggers from your blog niche and look for relevant topics for your niche on a regular basis.
  • Interact with your community – ask questions! Comments and direct messages have a higher value on Instagram.
  • Only post high quality content. Since Instagram is a platform for pictures, your photos should be of high quality.
  • Look for hashtags that attract your community. The reach of the hashtags should not be too high (over 200.000), but also not too low (under 1000).

Did you find these tips helpful? Tell us about your Instagram strategy!



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