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The perfect video for IGTV – 5 tips you should know

After last week’s introduction article to the features of the new Instagram video app IGTV, today’s article focuses on the content production for the new video platform! With these five tips, getting started on IGTV is a breeze and uploading your first video will certainly be a success:

1. 9:16 is the new 16:9

IGTV is vertical – therefore you should create vertical videos! ! Yes, with a few tricks it’s possible to rotate and upload horizontal videos but you should ask yourself if it’s worth the hassle. The quality of your content will be affected by these modifications and you’ll also be breaking the rules of the IGTV community by ignoring the format.That’s why you should follow the platform’s requirements when producing content in the future.

2. Put a Grid on it!

If you want to share the same video content across multiple platforms, IGTV’s vertical format can become a real challenge! When adapting your content to the narrow 9:16 format of the app, there are however two options to consider when producing content: First, you accept the extra effort of shooting additional videos in the required format for IGTV. Or second, you produce content with foresight so that the objects in the picture are positioned in a way that they won’t be cut off by editing the clip. In doing so, it is recommended to use a display grid that divides the image visually into three sections. The middle section of the grid then displays almost exactly the later part of the image.

3. Think vertical!

When planning your videos, you should also consider which kind of content is actually suitable for IGTV’s narrow format. In this respect, wide-ranging shots of landscapes or large rooms will never look as good in portrait mode as in landscape mode. Instead, in this format it is easier to focus on people and their stories and actions. Therefore, clips in selfie mode also work especially well. However, there are many things to try on this point.

4. Don’t make too much sound

Not only is the right format important for IGTV, but also the sound! Since the videos in the app are starting automatically when you enter the app, users may be disturbed or annoyed by loud, fast or powerful sounds and beats. Therefore, at least at the beginning of the video, it’s advised to use calmer tones that let the viewer glide easily into the video. Later on, the music can intensify and become more energetic. During conversations, interviews or live recordings, you should also make sure that you can understand everything clearly and that no disturbing background noises can be heard.

5. Keep it short

Even if IGTV offers the possibility to upload videos up to 10 minutes long, doesn’t mean you have to use all 10 minutes! It’s important to remember that the attention span of most people is used to 15 seconds on stories and even less on Snapchat. Viewers may lose interest in the video and switch to another channel so we recommend to produce clips of about 3 to 4 minutes in length at the beginning.

With these five tips, all doors are now open for your creative debut on IGTV! Once you’ve become familiar with the unusual video format of the app, there are barely any limitations in the production of exciting and individual videos at IGTV. However, if you need some additional help or inspiration, you can also read more tips or tool recommendations here in the official Instagram handbook. Otherwise we recommend you to simply browse a little more on IGTV for research purposes.



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