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What is a Sponsored Post

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As a blogger, you have various ways to earn money with your blog. One possibility is Sponsored Post. In this post we would like to answer all your questions about sponsored posts and give you some recommendation to identify the best options and how to get the most from these type of advertising.

What is a Sponsored Post?

A Sponsored Post is an article posted by the advertiser about his product or service on a blog. This means that as a blogger you get specific directions from the advertiser and turn them into an editorial article, following the requirements and fitting within your tone and style. Mostly it is about a specific product or service. However, there are also some sponsored posts, which, for example, promote or report an event. The time spent on blogging is always higher than on product posts, as you have to visit the event. Sponsored Posts are also often referred to advertorials – a word-mix of advertising and editorial – and should be properly highlighted to make audience aware that it is sponsored content.

Blogging with added value

A Sponsored post offers your blog a lot of possibilities: freedom for your creative ideas, the chance to create a new interesting content for your community and at the same time monetize your blog. Your audience, who is target of the advertiser, can read detailed information of the brand’s product along with your honest independent feedback. Your audience value the quality of you content and how you communicate, so Sponsored Posts have to be aligned with your style and tone. It is also common that a sponsored post will be published on the social media channels of the company, giving you opportunity to extend the reach of your blog.

Here are a few tips you should consider:

  • Does the Sponsored Post fit into my blog?
  • Do I agree with the specifications of the advertiser?
  • Do I have time enough to develop the Sponsored Post?
  • Do I have a good content or idea for the Sponsored Post?


Sponsored Posts at blogfoster

Blogfoster offers you different types of collaborations. After logging in blogfoster, you could find a list of campaign overviews. That allows you to be aware the campaign requirements and and apply for it when it fits with to you and your blog. In each campaign, the requirements for your contribution are described in detail. blogfoster will also provide you with a checklist and a timetable, which serves as a guide during the production of the article. In this article we have explained exactly how Sponsored Posts work with blogfoster.


Now that you know what it is a Sponsored Post and how we manage these opportunities at blogfoster, don’t hesitate and create a free account. There are many exciting campaigns waiting for you in our Sponsored Post area.




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