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What is Evergreen Content?

evergreen content for blogs

Generate more local traffic by writing evergreen content

All bloggers who are writing in a language which is spoken in more than one country have the same problem: Generating traffic from a specific country to meet advertiser needs for sponsored postings.

What is evergreen content?

Evergreen content is content which is timeless, and normally has neither seasonal nor epochal references, meaning that this content gives value to your readers over the long term. In short, evergreen content is always up to date, relevant, general and easy to understand. Don’t try to show off with a specific topic which is interesting but only for a small or niche audience. The range of evergreen content varies from popular cat videos on YouTube to a recipe for apple pie to a top 10 list of a certain topic. After being online for two years, if an article is still relevant it can be called an evergreen article.

How to generate evergreen content?

When you write an article with the intention of making it evergreen, you have to know the needs and questions of your readers not only today but also in the future. After finding this need or question, you should ensure the article is high quality because the higher the quality, the better the ranking on Google is and therefore the click through rate. A way to do this is by showing the sources you used. Remember to update your article on a regular basis, as almost no topic remains unchanged for years. The ranking of your article on Google will also benefit through this. Imagine your evergreen article is an article about how to connect a phone with a laptop. This article is relevant if the way you described it is still the way how it works now. As soon as the system changes and you are not updating your article, it becomes irrelevant. A piece of evergreen content could also be an infographic, a video or pictures.

What could be your evergreen content?

Taking a German blogger as an example: This blogger writes about what to do when the weather is bad. With this article, he/she generates a tremendous amount of German readers (the peaks are so high that it looks like bought traffic at first glance, but it is not). All the traffic is concentrated on a small handful of articles for several cities or regions titled “What to do in [city name] when it’s raining” or “Indoor activities in [city name] on rainy days” (you could even add “with kids” to the mix, if that is your target group). Making the content local will pull a local crowd, rain is always a great driving factor as people are less likely to be outdoors and more likely to google random things to do. Ensure that the content is evergreen – a special tour at the museum has a time limit, but a museum in general does not. Then of course upload to Pinterest with cute “5 things to do in (London, Manchester, etc.) with kids when it rains” graphics and that should help at least create a baseline of UK traffic that will stay for a long time.

An evergreen could also be:

  • Tips and tricks for beginners
  • Very specific “how to” articles
  • Historical events
  • List of events in the future being relevant for your readers (list of upcoming blogger events)
  • Resource lists
  • Best practice sharing

If you have an idea for your own evergreen article, give it a try! Remember that the article should be general, easy to understand and regularly updated.

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  • Das sind gute Tipps. Bei mir werden immer wieder alte Blogbeiträge von meiner ersten Schwangerschaft aus dem Jahre 2011 gelesen – durch Google. Die Suchbegriffe haben meist etwas mit Frauenarzt, Geburtsvorbereitung oder Wehen zu tun. Das sind auch sehr zeitlose Themen. Geburten wird es immer geben 😉