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What type of blogger are you?


How serious is blogging to you?

How do you plan your posts?

The thought of writing a new post makes you think:

How many blogs are you currently following?

Your favourite type of content to create is:

My favourite way to share content:

Which aligns the closest to your blogging goals?

Your most recent purchase was most likely:

Where would you rather be:

What is a typical comment on your blog:

How do you feel about collaborating with brands on your blog?

What type of blogger are you?
The Beginner Blogger!

You’re just starting to enter the blogosphere and super excited about it! Blogging has always been a fun idea, but now you’re motivated to get your blog up and running! Check out some of our posts specially tailored to new starters: https://bit.ly/2vWCygy
The Entrepreneur Blogger!

You’re an established blogger who invests a lot of time and effort, and in return you’ve gotten to work on some cool campaigns. Your blog is not only fun, but a pretty good source of income for you. It could be time to start considering how you can take your blog up a notch. Check out our guest blogger Jo Middleton of Slummy Single Mummy's posts to find out how she established an award-winning blog: https://bit.ly/2KibZFz
The Part-Time Blogger!

Blogging is your favorite hobby and you put a lot of passion into it. You’re not really fussed about working with brands, because your readers and authenticity are more important. Your blog isn’t your main source of income, but it could be one day! Consider taking your blogging to the next level by checking out some courses available: https://bit.ly/2FjZxBB
The Casual Blogger!

You like to blog but only when you feel creative and inspired. Your blog is generally about your thoughts, experiences and opinions - so content quality comes first for you and your readers know it. Blogging is more of a personal asset to you than a source of income. You can take your blog to the next level by professionalising your approach to blogging. Check out some of our posts covering design, apps, tools and newsletters: https://bit.ly/2FlFP8l
Born a Blogger!

"Blogging is my Cardio!" is your personal motto. Your blog is not only your passion but also your profession. A lot of time and effort has gone into your blog and as a result you’ve worked with some exciting brands! Authenticity, professionalism and organisation are important to you and at the same time the key to your success. Great job! Want to share your wisdom with our community? Drop us an email at growth@blogfoster.com to be featured in our influencer spotlight alongside some of the best bloggers in the UK!

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