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How to Write the Perfect Pitch

Being asked to write a pitch can make the best of us nervous. What should I say? How do I make myself stand out? How do I give a great first impression in 500 characters or less? For bloggers and influencers, this can seem especially daunting as the perfect pitch could be standing between you and your next brand collaboration. But never fear, we are here to offer advice on how to craft a structured and compelling pitch to help you land your next sponsored campaign. 

The importance of a good pitch

So let’s start with the basics: what is a pitch? Originally, the term pitch comes from the advertising industry and describes the competition between two advertising agencies around the brief of campaign defined by the brand. The advertising agency with the better, more appealing and convincing pitch wins the bid. This is a fierce competition and in some cases could represent a multi-million pound deal, so advertising experts have devoted a great amount of time and effort to figure out how to create the perfect pitch.

Pitches for bloggers and influencers that want brand collaborations works in much the same way. You are competing with other influencers applying for the same campaign and like with traditional advertising, the best pitch wins. So what makes a pitch good? The best pitches typically communicate the brand’s product to a key audience in an interesting and engaging way. Try to think about the story you could tell your audience about the particular brand or product, and why you feel that you can do this in a convincing way.

The secret to writing a perfect pitch

A good pitch should always answer the question: What story would you tell about the campaign subject (for example the customer’s product)?

A great starting point is to consider what makes you and your blog, Instagram profile oder YouTube channel stand out from the rest of applicants (what makes your channel, your audience, your style unique) and how this would be a great fit for the brand and campaign. That should drive the decision maker to understand why your blog is perfect for the collaboration.

You should also make a reference to the customer and its product or service, as brands like to know that the ideas you have for the campaign is aligned with their brand positioning. Demonstrating that you have a sound understanding about what they are offering is one of the winning aspects in the decision.

Of course, the pitch always depends on the particular collaboration you are applying for. In a creative DIY campaign, it is a good idea to have a first look at your basement ideas. A good meaningful pitch does not need many words, the art here is to get to the point. A clear outline of your idea, why your channel and audience are a good fit and the story you would tell about the brand can be achieved in 100 words or less.

What to do and what not to do                                          

The Do’s:

  • Describe your personal story and what makes you the best fit for the brand and campaign.
  • Convince them that your channel, knowledge and style will help them to reach a key audience and boost brand awareness
  • Keep it short and to the point. Try to stick to 100 words or less. To be concise is a skill that demonstrates good writing abilities.
  • Highlight any experience, understanding and relation with their target customer, as a way to reinforce your credentials as a trusted brand collaborator.

The Don’ts:

  • Don’t use generic ‘copy & paste’ pitches. Each application for a campaign is different and putting effort into customising your message will make you standout from other applicants.
  • Don’t be arrogant. Your pitch should focus on how you can support the campaign to achieve their goals.
  • Check, check and check again for any spelling mistakes. A typo could be the difference between winning the pitch and losing out on a sponsored post.
  • Don’t base your pitch on follower numbers alone (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc.). Advertisers want impact, but also quality.

The suggestions above should help to give you structure and improve the quality of your pitch and your odds to you take part in the campaign. Don’t forget to check our Influencer Guide for more tips and advice on how to make money from your blog and social media.

What are your tips for the perfect pitch? Let us know in the comments and share this on social media if you’ve found this helpful!

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